Eight Outrageous Things Owned By Kim Jong-Un, North Korea’s Leader

Things Kim Jong-Un owns – North Korea’s supreme leader known as the brutal soviet dictator uses his powers to do and succeed in anything he wishes for. There is also a well-known fact that the people of North Korea are not permitted to be online, or express their view against the leader and prohibited from listening to music also. How pity on their part.

Kim Jong-Un, the leader spends whooping amounts on his luxuries, while many of this country people are starving out there.

Here, we present you some list outrageous things Kim Jong-Un owns. Check them out.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns –

  1. Air force

Kim Jong-un has more than 900 aircrafts and this consist of ground attack aircraft, attack helicopters, special force cargo plane, fighter aircrafts, etc.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Private island

The leader is said to own private islands, whose location is an secret and guarded by private securities 24/7.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Ryugyong hotel

The 105 storey hotel built in the guidance of grandpa of Kim Jong-Un. This hotel is one of the biggest hotels in the world.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Submarines

The leader controls many submarines that are working underwater currently. Seems like he is obsessed with submarines, just like some being obsessed with cars 😉

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Masikryong Ski resorts

The Masikryong ski resort are located at an altitude of 1,360 meters. The hotel has many interesting features like the pools, luxury hotels, ice rink and many more. These resort’s are being visited by at least 5000 people only under the strict supervision of the army.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Military ships

Here comes another obsession, the military ships 😉The leader owns many military ships of various varieties.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Private yacht

Kim jon-un owns a yacht worth $ 7 million which is 100 feet long. This is also one of the best yacht, this leader loves spending quality time on his yacht.

Things Kim Jong-Un owns

  1. Private jet

His private jet is way too luxurious.

 Things Kim Jong-Un owns

So, these were some outrageous things owned by the Billionaire apart from these he owns 17 big palaces, 100 cars, vast piano collection. He leads a very luxurious lifestyle, and I am already envious!

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