5 Things Girls Say While Chatting Reveals She Is Not Interested In You

Things girls say while chatting

“Things girls say while chatting”

Alright! Guys you don’t need to wait for the words to actually know that a girl you are talking with is not interested in you. Yes! We are going to talk about the not-so-little signs that girls show when she is chatting with someone she is not interested into.

It’s good you have her number but the way she is talking with you reveals a lot of things. And, the one thing is “not interested” tag.

Are you wondering, how to understand this thing if she’s not uttering a word directly? Well, don’t worry because sometimes a girl can’t really ignore you straightforwardly and therefore she does a little chat-talk which is enough to answer your question.

Boys, don’t unnoticed these things girls say while chatting:-

  1. No-No

A lot of guys have this habit of asking a girl out for a movie etc. Well, there’s nothing wrong to ask a girl out but yes if she ‘s ignoring you each and every time you pop this topic up then it’s time to realise that it is not possible to see the light of the day with her.

In reality, she just doesn’t want to roam with you and every time the answer will be a NO-NO.

  1. And Say

Yeah! This one must be relatable for sure. Actually in a girls chat-talk “And say or N say” is a top most thing that she’ll send when she don’t like chatting and sharing things with you.

It’s as simple as that – the girl is not involved and interested to chat with you.

  1. When the reply goes like – “Yes” & “No”

Guys do check if a girl is only replying you with a “Yes” and a “No”. Every-time when you send those long sentences and still the reply comes with a yes & no factor then that’s one more red flag of showing she’s not interested.

  1. Lot of emojis

Well, I am pretty sure emojis are actually saviours of a girl when she’s chatting with a boy she is least interested into. (Wink!) It happens a lot that guy’s tries to joke and stuff and the reply they get is “hahahaha” and that’s it.

There’s nothing wrong to laugh on a joke but if she’s doing it even after the joke is ended then she’s not really mad but simply she just don’t want to bring out any topic further.

  1. Hmmm…OK

After every text if a girl is replying you after a long pause then it’s certainly one point to note down that she’s not interested in talking. And, if the reply comes with hmmmm then you better stop chatting.

Guys you surely know the long pauses are going to end with hmm…Good-night etc. then why so much of efforts to put in.

 Well, the next you chat remember these things girls say while chatting and stop it there.

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