A Letter For The Woman Chasing A Man Who Is Not Into Her

Woman Chasing A Man

Attraction towards someone and love can happen to anyone and anytime.

But does that mean you will cross all limits and boundaries to chase that person, no matter what happens?

No, you shouldn’t because there are a lot of things that go around you chasing a man you like.

Especially, a woman. We talk about so many men and try to bring them down by saying that they are creeps and they chase women and bother them, what different thing are you doing?

No, chasing doesn’t always mean stalking someone or bothering them, it can be counted as your failed attempts and efforts to get to a man and failing miserably every time.

When a man loves someone else and another woman starts chasing her, it becomes as difficult a situation for him as it is for a woman. Moreover, the girl that he loves doesn’t trust him because how can a woman chases a man?

There has to be an explanation behind that, right?

No matter what happens, that man gets questioned and why?

Because you have been chasing him like a maniac for love.

Apart from everything else, how does your conscience allows you to run behind a man who is not even interested in you? I mean, don’t you have any self-respect or any such thing that would stop you from being crazy?

Do you like it when you try to lure him but he says no straight away on your face?

I am sure not. Then why so many efforts on something that doesn’t belong to you.

While wasting your time on chasing a man who is not into you, you somehow lose on to the other opportunities in life. It could be anything, related to love life, professional life or maybe your own personal life too. There are so many things that you tend to forget because you are so busy chasing the man you like. Now, instead of wasting all the time that you have to search for the man who will love you more than you do, forget about everything and seek for new opportunities.

Trust me, once you get over that meaningless obsession of yours, life will look much more wonderful to you.

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