10 Signs That Prove You Are Dating One In A Million Kind Of Man !

luckiest woman

The luckiest woman – Love is that one feeling in the world that makes everything better.

You pick up an entirely new perspective of the world when you are in love with someone.

And, if you know that your man is the one, the one that goes with you like chocolate and cake, you are the luckiest woman on earth! Is your man the best man? Find out!

The luckiest woman –

  • The love of his life

You are the most important person in his life, no questions asked. He loves you to the moon and back and looks at you like you are magic.

  • Is a friend to your friends

We all have our own choice of friends. Be it your guy friends  or girl friends, he is a loving friend to your friend. All of you hang out together like a group and he never feels jealous or envious of you spending sometime just with your friends.

  • Conversations

He shares he is whole day’s routine with you and ensures that he asks about your day too. Not only that, he initiates intelligent conversations with you on books, music and sometimes even politics!

  • Admits his mistakes

Instead of giving buckets of counter-arguments, he admits his fault.  He never tries to justify his mistakes and ensures that you are no longer upset or angry with him.

  • Supports your dreams

No matter what you want to do, no matter how much time that takes up, your man always supports your dreams and encourages you to pursue them, no matter what!

  • Follows his own goals

Just like he supports your dreams, he has his own set of goals that he strives towards and pursues his dreams diligently. He has his future panned out.

  • He cares for you

He is the care bear in your life and takes extra care of you when you are on that time of the month. He understands your pain and tries to ease it.

  • He loves you

He knows that sometimes you can be a piece of work, sometimes you are clumsy and no matter what, he still loves you. You are his and his alone, all in all.

  • Physical bonding

Having a healthy physical relationship is an important aspect and if you have a good physical chemistry, there’s nothing more you can ask for. You know you have found your one and only!

  • He never lets you down

Not only down, he doesn’t even let you go to sleep angry and upset. He makes sure you have a smile of your face before you go to sleep and you know that he loves you!

So, if your man has all these are 5-6 of them you are luckiest woman don’t let him go, he loves you truly. If you do not have one you know what qualities you should look for in a guy!

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