Some Questions That A Gay Man Asked A Lesbian Woman, And The Answers That We All Want To Know!


In our sex-starved sexually-uneducated country, lesbians and gays are still a big mystery!

However, the mystery is also for people from their own community as you will shortly know after reading this story.

This only reveals the pit-bottom IQ of so called sensible people who somehow leave their brains at home when dealing with lesbians!

Let me share with you some of the most outlandish, crazy and LOL-worthy questions gay man asked a lesbian woman and her answers.

Gay (G): Are there any types of lesbians?

Lesbian (L): Obviously! I’m the types who love to stab gays asking me such stupid questions!

G: How can you be a lesbian if you are so girly and feminine?

L: So, I should first undergo a sex-change operation to look like a man to turn into a lesbian or hit the gym, build some muscles and abs to look like a lesbian? Do you eat cow dung to come up with such thought-provoking questions?

G: Do you have to cut your nails?

L: Of course or they will hurt the “vagina” you know! Anyways, we lesbians are not too crazy about making world records for world’s longest and dirtiest nails!

G: Where do you lesbians hang out?

L: Since lesbians are an outcast among humans, we tend to hang-out at our partner’s homes! After all, we might contaminate the air of coffee houses, bars, clubs, pubs etc. right?

G: How does your brain react when you see a hot girl?

L: Same, like a regular guy’s brain reacts: Objectify the girl! And no, no guilt trips either that the girl is after all a human being rather than a piece of flesh!

G: Do you have real sex?

L: Depends on what your definition of real sex is! Otherwise, it is a good satisfying sex that culminates in orgasm, which is the obvious and expected culmination of any sexual act!

G: Which one of you is a man?

L: Duh!!! If we wanted a man, would have had a man, you dumb-representative-of-the-male-species!

G: Is this why you’re anti-religion?

L: Yeah, that’s why we are anti-corruption, anti-poverty, anti-female foeticide, anti-dowry, anti-female exploitation etc.!

G:  So you’re looking for a gay man to donate sperms to have a gay child?

L: Like, really? Was this the way you were born?

G: Do you eat chocolate? If yes, then you can’t be a lesbian!

L:  Is inhaling oxygen or drinking water is permitted to be a lesbian?

G: Can I watch?

L: Do you have such a boring sex-life that you want to watch us now?

Well these were some of the tit-for-tat question-answers that amply justify the notion that most people have rocks the size of Himalayas in their brains instead of that matter called intelligence!

Hope you did enjoy the conversation and must have cleared some of your own misplaced notions!

Respect sexuality, respect all!


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