Know about Veerappan’s Home or the Forest He Lived In


Veerappan, who is known in Indian History for his misdeeds related to poaching, dacoit, and smuggling of trees specifically sandalwood from the forest. This dense forest known as Sathyamangalam Forest surrounded by the three states of the south Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka was the home and territory of this dacoit known as Veerappan.

Not only bounded to dacoit but kidnapping famous personalities that ended up chasing the Indian police.

Few of his bold criminal activities.

Escaped police custody, 1986

Veerappan’s criminalized can be determined while he escaped the polices custody, though his first crime was in the year 1962, he kills about more than one forest officials.

Revenge of sister’s death, 1990

Beheaded after killing deputy conservator of forest, Srinivas and buried it which was discovered after three years. He described it as the revenge of his sister’s death.

From 1962 to 2004 till his death Veerappan was a terror to the state of Tamil Nadu or entire South India, each and every year he had killed forest officials and kidnapped for remunerations.


Veerappan Kidnapped them:

South Indian  Actor Rajkumar the favourite of South India Tollywood industry, though he was released safely in 2000, after a long conversation demanding the justice over the Cauvery river which was still an issue day back and Tamil should be the second language of Karnataka.

Naggapa was kidnapped but was found dead after three months within the forest, though the Karnataka police tried for an encounter but failed and found Nagappa the agricultural marketing minister, 1996.


Sathyamangalam forests 2018:

While in 2018, sathyamangalam forest is the wildlife sanctuary and the tiger reserve forests. Thousands of tourists visit this forest with the serene view of plains and fields on one side while mountains and hills on another side. A tranquilized atmosphere within the forests and animals.

Multi-branch horned deers, calm though naughty in nature the lagoons, pretty peacocks spreading their colorful feathers are very common as you pass by the lanes of the forests apart from it the expensive sandal trees that once was smuggled by Veerappan enhances the atmosphere with an odor of the sandalwood.


Plants, shrubs and various specific kind of tree are easily visible in this forest. Also the damn build deep into the forest, water flows through it to provide irrigation to the agriculture.

Forest is also a home of indigenous and local tribal people, surrounded by villages who make their living by agricultural farming. The forest is highly protected especially for the tigers and elephants, drones are one project in which the Tigers are monitored apart from other tiger reserved forest in India. Wild Elephants are protected by the electric wires so that no trespasser can harm these animals.

Tribals and their livelihood:

Controversies were solved, when the supreme court of India declared to use particular land area of the forest for agriculture and farming by the tribals, belonging to the Irula tribe and soliga.

Though it is the reserve forest still it is introduced as the home of Veerappan or the place he lived till 2004 and died in the operation Cocoon carried away by Special Task Force of Tamil Nadu, whose death was a sigh of relief to the villagers and the people of Tamilnadu.

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