Indian Businesses: Classifying Different Entrepreneurs Common In India


Indian Business – Whether you own a firm based on the technology industry, a company in the banking sector or your start-up is related to social work, you will be amazed to find how your characteristics, your moves towards launching and making your start-up prosper and your risk-taking abilities define you as an entrepreneur.

Yes! Whether yours is a multi-billion dollar agency or just a recently launched firm in the big, wide market, you can be classified as one among these entrepreneurs, especially if you are in India:

Indian Business

The straightforward visionaries

You love challenges and are smart enough to be outspoken about the problems you face and your methods of solving them. Wackiness is what drives you sometimes and you can be bold and charismatic in your approach towards different issues. You love to create products and services useful for the world. For you, keeping your customers happy and satisfied with your company’s services is your ultimate outlook and you seek no more than this, not even flattering your investors for a better deal. The only target you set for your employees is happy customers, thus promoting a strong bond between the employees, the company and the customers, making for an enriched company culture and high expectations. You are optimistic about reaching your goals, have a positive attitude and much business knowledge and expertise, although the technological advancements might bog you down a little.


Doers and Go-Getters

Remember Aamir Khan as Sanjay Singhania in Ghajini? He seemed to work more and work harder than give speeches on his goals and upcoming schemes. If you believe in actions more than endless talks and doing more than debates, you are sure to be the go-getter kind of entrepreneur who like to think, plan and execute methods addressing their vision for the company rather than setting appointments for press conferences and media talks where company goals can be discussed. You would definitely understand and appreciate Shahid Kapoor from Jab We Met and his plans to expand his company and reach the highest possible level in the telecom industry, because even you can relate to that easily. You are a visionary, yes, but do not like to come in front of the media and public to announce your company’s progress, until and unless it is something your company requires.


Apna Sapna Money Money! The Money-Minded Entrepreneurs

If you value the process of minting money and revenue-making, you certainly dream of huge piles of the green paper. Your ultimate aim is to expand your company through take-overs, mergers and acquisitions and being in the good books of the investors is all you care about. Money is what motivates you as you wake up each morning and your bank balance is the only update that bothers you.


Young, Daydreamer yet Naïve

If you are a recent graduate and keep shifting your ideas between different business types and you can recall having doing so even during your classes, you are the daring daydreamer who is naïve yet boasts of knowing it all. Some of you might have faced hurdles and got scared to pursue your entrepreneurship dreams further, while others have continued with life as it came and struggled on to stand up to your goals, dreams and self-expectations. You want to make it big and make it fast!


The Talkative Entrepreneur

If building up a business is your secondary objective, and talking about your big business ideas is what motivates you, then you are the talkative types. You may be more interested in fundraising activities and talking about start-up loans than actually focussing on growing up on your business idea. Talking about the different start-up models and inspiring speeches, you are the one whom naïve entrepreneurs may end up referring. But, prevent yourself from going overboard at these motivational talks as inspiring speeches without action pointers may not be of much help to the young entrepreneurs just starting off with their start-up careers.


The Sulking Unhappy Asian Natives

If you always find yourself complaining about the entrepreneurship opportunities in the US or other foreign countries, and think that the location of India or other Asian countries do not stand good chances in front of the industrial complexes of foreign shores, you are the sulking type. Some of you may be able to analyse how certain marketing trends and business ideas can be similar to that of the industries abroad and build your business on those lines, while some others keep dreaming of crossing the foreign lines someday and waste their time and knowledge when they are here in their home country.


The Show-Offs

If you just want to own a start-up company because of peer pressure or only because you think it can be a good style statement to flaunt to others, you are the flaunting or show-off type. You plain like to pose yourself as an entrepreneur and know that entrepreneurship is not your cup of tea.


The Fight-Pickers      

If you are a person who hates to listen to a ‘no’ and are used to winning at all costs, by hook or by crook, you certainly have a bold, loud, daredevil kind of personality and your ways of doing your business reflects that pretty clearly. You pick fights, take risks and are very spontaneous decision maker. You do not back from taking the wrong path just so you win as you are not able to accept loss and losers.


The Multi-Tasking Mavens

If you always have liked the multitasking carousels and believe in owning and facilitating multiple companies together, you are sure to be a multitasking maven. However, focussing on a single line of product and one type of business is not your agenda and many different products, services and businesses occupy your mind and daily schedules. For you, concentrating on one business is boring. You like to don different roles at the same time and are known to be active, spontaneous and of course, a multitasking hero, just like the well-spread branches of an overgrown tree.

You may also be willing to spend your weekends or work overtime to pursue your goals in different companies. Alternatively, entrepreneurship might be your second career and you work very hard to do all the necessary research and building up a team for assistance.



Others (Solitary/Inventor/Technical/Competitor)

If you like to work independently even though you have the team spirit and can balance a team work as well, you are the independent and confident sorts, while if you love to create and improvise upon your creations, and want to be famous for your innovations and inventions; you always have the greatest and best of ideas. Entrepreneurship is then made for you. On the other hand, if you are tech-savvy and want to gain technical expertise with degrees, extra courses or technical jobs, you may soon start your own technical business. If you have a formula for success and have great concept and are abreast of current market trends in your industry, you are the competitor types who is envied by the capitalists.


Entrepreneurship can also have social causes and all for the welfare of the society, where human fulfilment is the main motive. Getting to know your style and kind of doing business can serve you better in the industry.

So did you figure out what characteristics define you and which type of an entrepreneur you are?

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