These 10 Sleeping Positions Are Too Real For Every Couple! Which One Is Yours?

sleeping positions

There has been a lot of discussion about how couples sleep, their sleeping positions and the relationship analysis based on that. Well, to an extent it is true and quite meaningful too.

Sleeping positions has a lot to do with individual personalities too.  For instance, if a person sleeps on their back, it often means they are strong and silent types. If someone sleeps on their stomach, it typically means they have an open, gregarious and playful personality.

Coming to the couples. So, what happens when you put two different sleeping styles together? Basically two individual personalities into one of the most intimate and vulnerable situations we humans, that is – a deep sleep.

I think it will be quite fascinating to discuss these 10 real sleeping positions and their meanings related to a couple and related to individual personalities too.

  1. “The Spooning – Protection For Other Is Real” Position

Well, in all actuality this position is only adopted by one fifth or say about or 18 percent of couples. This one demonstrates  a relationship n which a partner displays a protective stance over other.  Although this is ultra sweet but it can also be a little uncomfortable too. This is quite a vulnerable position but induces a sense of trust among partners. There are both kind of spooning. In the position where the woman’s buttocks are up against the guy’s man parts, it reveals maximum physical intimacy, a sense of security and trust. The spooning where a man in inside, signifies the man requires nurturing and attention from his woman. It could also mean that the woman plays a more dominant role in the relationship.


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