These Celebs Who Should STOP Promoting These Ads!


After checking out some ads on TV we instantly ponder on how these celebs can ever imagine to ads which are completely unaligned with their personalities that they have created on screen earlier.

Some ads look and feels so bizzare that it will make you say why are they promoting them?

Let us have a look at which are these Indian Bollywood celebs who should stop promoting these ads which were not at all easily sunk in by fans and larger audience.

  1. Emraan Hashmi- Meglow fairness Cream for men.

 Recently people were completely appalled by the ad featuring Emraan Hashmi promoting some brand called Meglow Fairness Cream. Why? The ad’s concept is immensely ridiculous and irrational. The ad showcases how you may not get a job but you can get a girlfriend as soon as you apply (you turn fair overnight) the fairness cream.

Check out the ad here:

  1. Amitabh Bacchan – Navratna Oil

After watching the Amitabh Bacchan in ads promoting high end products and services. It was quite weird to see him in Navratna oil ads.

Check out the ad here:

  1. Shahrukh-Navratna Talc Powder and Fair and Handsome

Shahrukh himself is associated with mega brands Tag Heuer, Pepsodent, Pepsi and many others. But Shahrukh might have considered fat cheque instead of status quo. He too was criticized for promoting skin lightening cream.

Check out the ad here:

  1. Salman Khan- Wheel

Endorsing cola drinks, energy boosters were digestible but what is not at all accepted was Salman selling some detergent powder.

Check out ad here:


  1. Priyanka Chopra: Rajnigandha Silver Pearls

After promoting major national and international brands like Pepsi, Nikon, Asmi, Garnier and several others. Viewers were in shock  to see her endorsing this brand.

Check out the ad here:

  1. Ranveer Ching , Sorry we mean Singh!- Chings Noodles!

Ranveer Singh promoted Condoms,  and later his ad song with lyrics “My name is Ranveer Ching’ raised many eyebrows. He should absolutely not sell away his surname for money.

Check out the ad here:

  1. Katrina Kaif endorsing Chappals

Katrina Kaif is too elite to endorse a chappal Brand. We are still in a state of shock after checking out this ad. What do you think ?

Check out the ad here:

What are your views on these celebs promoting these ads? Let us know your views in the comments

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