8 Simple Ways That Will Help You To Deal With One Sided Love

One Sided Love

How to deal with one sided love?

“Love” is just so wonderful and sometimes it is inexpressible.

And, yeah it can be painful as hell. Isn’t it? Especially, one sided love is extremely hurting.

If you have been through it too and then you will surely know how it feels to love a person who doesn’t feel the same about you. But, do we all deserve this harm from a “relationship that not even exist”?

If you too believe that it is time to get over it for good then read on and take a look at these simple ways that’ll help you to overcome your one sided love:-

1 – Cry your heart out for one last time

Cry? Yes crying is not that bad after all. And, by crying I meant for “one day” just do it.

The world doesn’t need to know that you’re hurt and you don’t always need to cry in front of your friends so that they heal you with powerful words.

Take a deep breath and cry it out just for one last time, so the next day you’re strong and bold.

2 – Do lot of activities

Yes, the next day that you woke up, make sure nothing’s stopping you. Get involved doing activities and “enjoy doing it”. Play your favorite dancing songs and step on doing your thing.

Guess what? This will only make you feel better. Yes, try doing it.

3 – You’re not alone

We are just different people often messed up in same situations. Understand one thing that “You’re not alone” and the next thing just “smile”. Yes, that’s what you’re supposed to do. Dude, you need to stop feeling bad for yourself.

Who knows even your parents must’ve gone through it.

4 – Try and Ignore negativity

I completely understand things keep coming up in life. And, there are times when you see your crush and you feel the “butterflies in your stomach” and your “heart beats faster”. But, it’s best when you ignore it and get busy living. Yes, I’ve been through it and all this signs are just negativity guys.

It’s not about running from such things but it’s all about facing and living up to it.

5 – No talking please…

There might be people who will always there for you no matter what. But, it also hurts them to see you in hurt. Isn’t it? Let’s get straight, “talking is not gonna solve your problems”. Right? Just think about it once again before you talk.

6 – Love around the corner

This was something best that I realized in my life. There’s always people who loves you the most and you need to spend time with them. The dreamy love that you’re seeking for might just fail, but the “real love” that is always with you will help you realize your worth.

You surely know which people I’m talking about.

7 – Value Yourself

Sometimes, we do crazy stuff e.g. changing our-self just so that the person you’re in love with will notice you. Have you ever done that? Well, even if you have that’s foolish.

But, it’s best to get past over it and value our-self completely. Accepting the truth is far more the best thing in life instead of changing into a robot. Right?

8 – Move On

You must have come across this saying “move on” but this time I don’t want you to ignore it (if you want to really get over one sided love). Actually, you deserve good things to come by in your life. And, if you just take a step today, then you’ve made an effort to “move on”.

So, I hope this will help you to pull yourself out from one sided love.

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