Never Tolerate These 10 Things In A Relationship!


Being in a relationship is a beautiful experience of life.

Yet, it can be a daunting one if you are with a toxic partner. Which means, your partner is giving you tough times, and you are tolerating the absurd behaviour, for the sake of the relationship. We understand that when you are in love and you want to make it work. You tend to gloss the bad bits in the hope that things will work out later.

We suggest, do not do that ever!

You must respect yourself before you respect or want anyone or anything else, and tolerating bad behaviours, even if they are coming from your love partner, should never be a choice in that case.

While a little compromise is okay if it helps to keep the love and bonding going, there are 10 ugly things you must never tolerate in a relationship.

Here is our list : Never Tolerate These 10 Things In A Relationship :

  1. Physical and Verbal Abuse:

Many in relationships and in vulnerable situations,  put up with emotional, physical and verbal abuse for the sake of being into it, sometimes without even realising it. Yes, it is true that many partners do not even come to know that they are being abused emotionally. If you are constantly put down, or made to feel inadequate, or incompetent, maybe you need to walk out of the relationship, making a choice to respect self.


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