Shag Away These 7 Masturbation Myths… For Good

Masturbation myths

Just like sex, masturbation is a taboo and a major topic of discussion. Where men usually bring up the topic jokingly, women prefer whispering about the same.

You rarely hear a serious conversation about masturbation.

In order to propel discussion on the related subject, it is firstly important to accept masturbation as a natural act and not see it as something shameful.

There are many benefits of masturbating and side-effects, if done excessively. You may also come across certain myths about the same that you need to do away with immediately –

Masturbation Myths

Myth 1 – Masturbation is for a Certain Age Group Only

masturbation for everyone

People of all ages masturbate

There is no age bar when it comes to masturbation. It is an act in which you can engage at any point of time in life. Usually, puberty hits boys around the age of 13 years and lasts throughout their lives. As per surveys conducted, 70-95% of males and females masturbate to cater to their sexual needs.

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