Sexual Tension At Work? Well, Break The Tension With These Tips!

Sexual tension at work

Sexual tension at work – You all might have at some point of time felt sexual tension at the place of work. I know that could be the weirdest and embarrassing moment ever.

You feel different and weird all of a sudden, just when you catch a glimpse of that one person – who can possibly, be your colleague or boss at work and he/she is super hot. Yes though you might not love that person but you might have a crush on him/her because of hi/her looks, dressing, behavior or touch.

And a lot of you must also be confused of what this weird thing is?! Well, if you really got up such things up in your mind – you gotta take a look into this.  So, here are some signs that clearly depicts that there is sexual tension at the place of work – between you and your colleague.

Sexual tension at work

Sexual tension at work –

  1. Conversations those are way too flirty.
  2. Favorable behavior towards each other
  3. Spend lots of time in each other’s company
  4. Flirty touch

All these may sound familiar for some and strange to many. Before stepping ahead, you gotta check few things with yourself. Because it might end up hurting you mentally. Though, this could be difficult – you can decide this issue with the help of the following parameters given below:

Sexual tension at work

  • Is this gonna hurt any of your already existing relationships?!

Attractions are common. But taking this seriously to a next level can never be a good idea – especially when already into a commitment.

  • Present relationship status (Single or committed)

Think about your current relationship status. Take a serious step only after considering your relationship status. Or you could end up cheating upon your partner.

  • Do you know them really well?!

Sometimes attractions maybe so bothering, that you cant actually ignore them – just like that. In such a situation, you land up taking up a step forward. Beware, not all the shines is gold – says an old proverb.

  • Costs your job?!

This is the also one of the important factor that is to be taken into consideration. Flirting someone or someone flirt is fun, but not at the cost of job. Isn’t it?! Definitely not!!

Sexual tension at work

Tips to avoid Sexual-tension at work:

Here are certain tips at your rescue, which are really going to help you a great deal in controlling the sexual tension at work.

  • Be occupied that no one and nothing can distract you. Focus and focus.
  • Masturbate yes you can release the tension and then get back to work, it works.
  • Cold shower, the colder it is the better you get to feel.
  • Exercise, it will control your body and mind.
  • A new obsession or hobby to your rescue.
  • Massage therapy, yes it works to release sexual tension.
  • Yoga, you will able to control your mind.
  • Movies and entertainment.
  • Stay away from person by seeing whom you get aroused sexually.
  • Corner yourself yes work in a corner and just concentrate on work and work.

So, you gotta be careful and never half-minded in deciding the things like these, as there could be no chance of taking back things or words. Instead of simply sitting and regretting. Remember an old saying – ‘Think before you leap’. Lies the essence and the solution for the different problems of life. After all, life is short – why sit regretting. Think of it and decide for step forward or lie comfortable and undisturbed at the place you are at.

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