These Women Talking About Their First Encounter With Work Harassment Is All You Need To Listen Today

work harassment

I am sure you are not new to the term work harassment.

After all, this is all we have been listening about since so many days.

Women and even men are being objected at work places and they are being harassed in one way or the other by their superiors. While men are harassed at work too, the number of women harassment is shockingly high.

So, someone went on to Quora asking about work harassment – how harassment at work feels like, and the answers that women gave will leave you speechless. There were some honest confessions and the reality from behind those doors that we all need to listen today.

Work harassment –

In the university where students must be taught values, this happens:

“In my early 20s, this happened to me. I worked at a university and a professor made some comment about him liking women like me. It just made me feel really uncomfortable on several different ocassions. Also, I had a business meeting where I noticed people checking me out, more uncomfortableness. Then, I had a college professor stare at my boobs the whole time we were having a convo. Just a lot of uncomfortable situations. I probably could have reported the first professor but I didn’t work for the same institution as him and didn’t see him on a regular basis.”

It is indeed harassment:

“It’s not exactly sexual harassment but there’s nothing like having a great manager and mentor (who by all appearances is happily married to a great woman) tell you that he’s in love with you. It was a tough moment for me. I basically pretended he hadn’t said it. He took one look at my face and never spoke of it again. We haven’t worked together in years but we are still friendly. He’s still married to the same great woman.”

This one was ridiculous:

“I was in an office full of men. The only other woman was the admin and she was a middle aged Goan woman. I have no problem conversing with men but these men were ridiculously repressed. None of them made any kind of eye contact and the one or two conversations I had with any of them made me feel as though I was some kind of pond scum. Nevertheless, I’d always been fairly forward in my thinking and I ignored all this and just put my very best into my work.

There was this man called Biju or Baiju (I think). He must have been at least 10 years older than me. He was fat and dark with a rather grizzly beard and he was a Malayalee. I always thought of him as a very avuncular type. He was nice to me and I was grateful for it. He helped me out whenever I was stuck with some coding issue.

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