Sex Or Romance? What Is Your Pick?


Girls in a relationship seek unadulterated romance.

Guys is a relationship seek overrated sex!

Do these sound like stereotypes?

Are the tables turned these days?

Do we need to turn the tables?

Well, through this discussion, we will try to analyse the actual situation. What happens when two people are in a relationship and how much weightage do they give to sex or romance on individual scales.

How are they different or equal?

Romance is supposed to be one of the most fun things in a relationship. But, in the current scenario of modern day relationships, it is the least executed activity. With all the distractions we have in our busy lives, it seems many couples never find the time to be romantic, and that leads to love’s demise.

Moreover, studies and statistics show that it’s the girls who are inclined towards coochicooing and romantic evenings, whereas, guys are, more than often, lured by physical pleasures.

One clear thing to understand here is that romance is about getting closer, and there is a big difference between sex and romance, yet a deep connection. In most relationships, if you want the former to be great, you have to fully engage in the latter. So, both are different, differently executed, yet needed equally.

How to get there?

Romance needs to be a constant in your universe. Being romantic is not much work, and savouring romantic moments will actually strengthen your bond, and hence the moments of passion.

Most people don’t try romantic activities because they simply don’t know how. Here’s a hint: there are no secrets to romance. Most of the time, everything we need to know is right under our noses. Anyone who has ever watched a romantic movie knows enough to get the ball rolling.

Through a little trial and error and lots of conversation, the two of you can create the kind of romance that would put Romeo and Juliet to shame. In many cases, all it takes is some encouragement to take a risk and a little appreciation for your partner’s efforts (even if they fall a little short). Romance, like life, is seldom perfect, but it can be fulfiling, no matter how it differs from what you’ve seen on the silver screen.

The real truth is that romance needs to be a normal part of your life, and though it’s not possible to live life like a Victorian novel, you can have a pretty hot twenty-first century relationship. One of the tricks is to take advantage of any opportunity to learn more about romance and, most importantly, what it is that your partner perceives as romantic.

Now that we have enough info on romance, let’s talk about sex.

Now, come to think of it; having a loving conversation with your mate about what it is that turns him or her on is really the best way to make your relationship romantically enduring. And guess what are your findings from the conversation? How to have great sex! Now, isn’t this absolutely magical? Isn’t this how you bring them together to a common place?

And it’s always very important to know the likes of dislikes of your partner, that make a good bedroom session for them. What works for you may or may not work for the one you love. Remember, it’s a gift of trust when your partner takes the risk of revealing his or her sexual preferences to you. You may be surprised at how easy it is to create more sizzling sex with a simple gesture or action.

And all this is brought to you in a romantic session, over a relaxing mug of hot coffee, or a hand-in-hand walk by the beach, or a late night sexy conversation.

Real-life romance is something we encourage you to engage in every day. Just give it a try. We are sure tha sex will almost very naturally, slide in, when romance is at its peak. Many times, it’s all about the little things and just going with your heart. Trust that your desire to create romance is enough to get things started, and give it your own spin. The results will have you making your friends very jealous. We can bet on that.

So the crux of the matter is, you need to have a balanced diet of Romance and Sex, to make it a healthy and happy relationship.

So what’s your pick for tonight? Romance or Sex?

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