Here’s How You Can Save Your Bestie From The Unloyal Douche


Bestie – It is always difficult to see your best friend in pain.

There is a saying- sisters before misters, a bestie becomes your soul sister and you feel protective about her in every given situation, you stand by her in thick and thins and it is mutual. But all hell breaks loose when your bestie has to cut short the time she has so far been spending with you for a guy who she starts dating.

Of course, you have given her the green signal after passing the guy through a couple of floor tests, but your heart sinks when you see her cry in his love.

You know your best friend from the deepest depth of her soul, you know that she is chilled AF and doesn’t hover above the head of the guy to fault-find and get cranky over itsy-bitsy details.

She is a sport, who believes because she loves herself. You always wanted a boyfriend for her who would appreciate this habit of hers, not take advantage of it.

But now you have a sneaky doubt that the guy might be playing her. All those promises he made to her, all those nights she stayed up thinking they were true are to be led astray very soon. The information hunter that you are and the gut feeling that you have all lead you into believing now that he is pulling the royal ditch on her. He is turning down his phone to hide your best friend’s name pop up on screen while he is flirting and coochie-cooing the other woman.

Your friend is left in dark now and she is slowly bearing the misery of being taken for granted by a man who is manipulative and toxic. Your friend’s sweet and kind nature is being misused at the altar of sinful brain-washing. But sitting hand in hand is can’t be the solution now. You have to make her understand that she is wasting her tears on a douche and of course she deserves better in her life. After all, it will always be a pleasure for you to be her bridesmaid when she is going to marry the man of her dreams instead of a fuckboy.

It is always also heart-breaking to see him get away with this. So, it is high time that you have told your bestie that the man is two timing. He doesn’t deserve even a second to be spared on him.

That if she leaves him, he will be sucked into a miserable life thereafter. If a woman like your bestie could not make him happy, nothing will ever will.

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