10 Things You Go Through When Your Bestie Has A Boyfriend And You Don’t!

when your friend has a boyfriend

You two were inseparable; you two were two “do jism ek jaan”!

Yes I am talking about you and your bestie.

But suddenly, your bestie announces to you, rather ceremoniously, that she is in a relationship! She found a boyfriend. You are happy, you are sad, you are happy sad!

You always assumed that nothing is ever going to come in between you and your bestie, but this new found thing made you a third wheel!

And here are 10 most prominent things that you go through when your bestie has a boyfriend and you don’t! I am sorry for rubbing it in! I really am!

  1. Your “Us Time” suddenly reduces to “Me Time” and you do not understand what to do with it! You can watch another season of “FRIENDS” maybe!


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