Craziest Thing People Ever Did In The Name OF Revenge – No.5 Is Scariest!

Revenge Stories – Some breakup stories are not simple.

You know; there’s a lot of drama. You’re lucky IF you broke up & your partner accepted it & ended it peacefully. But there are many who are certainly NOT lucky in this case. Breakups can be really harsh sometimes. Sometimes, the person someone is breaking up with can be the one who can’t handle IF they break the relationship. So they do crazy things to threaten their lover. Some even plan to take revenge.

It becomes a situation, where they go like “I’ll make you pay back.” Sometimes, what happens is, one person cheats & the other does something really crazy in the name of revenge. I’ve come across many stories in my real LiFe. As I stumbled upon Reddit, some shared their stories & trust me, it is really haunting.

Here are they –

  1. Stole my laptop and started putting pictures of herself naked as a young girl (like 13 or so) and called the cops. I had already reported it stolen, though, and it’s a pretty trivial process to show when a picture is added to a computer. That and the fact that she admitted that she took it from my home got me off the hook.
  2. She created a profile for me on some gay dating site saying something like “hi, I’m 22 and looking for my first time with a man, I’m want to try everything!”. It had pictures of me and everything. I got a lot of emails but it still took a while to figure out where they were coming from… Worst thing is that I couldn’t get it taken down…. I had to abandon that email address.
  3. Spread rumors that I had STD’s. Except she was the first person I’d ever had sex with, which wasn’t exactly a secret, therefore she was also admitting to having STD’s. She wasn’t the brightest spark.
  4. Lied to the cops; told them I beat her. Showed up with a squad car 12 hours earlier than agreed upon on my last day with my beloved dog, and took him from me while I sobbed. I gave her prior visitation with him until she robbed me, but I get no such visitation with him now and have not seen him in 3 years. Still think about him every day. Still burn with fiery hatred for her.
  5. Harassed me every day for seven months straight.
  6. Apparently she had saved every email, PM, or letter in which we discussed issues related to my family, relationships with my parents, etc… She then proceeded to divulge them to my family in all their unedited glory.
  7. My BF cheated on me badly, so I convinced him to get matching tattoos. The funny thing is, he went and got the tattoo, and I went home. LOL.
  8. Told my conservative parents we broke up because I was pressuring her to have sex and that I told her it was ok if she got pregnant because I could pay for an abortion all of which was bullshit. We broke up because she got drunk and cheated on me while I was away.

Do you have any stories to add in this list? Leave a comment below.

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