Re-Heating These Foods Turns Them Into Poison

reheating food

You know what they say about fresh food, it’s as tasty as healthy it is.

But you must have seen that a lot of times when there are extra leftovers, your fridge gets stocked every day. Now, what people usually do is re-heat those foods and serve them along with the fresh one. Though reheating food kills the good elements of every food, but in some cases it turns the food poisonous for health.

Let’s have a look at those foods that turn poisonous after reheating food:

Reheating food –

  1. Chicken

We all love to eat freshly cooked chicken but eating after re-heating will kill all the proteins that are available in the chicken. This might lead to a lot of digestion problem and poor health too.

  1. Potato

Potatoes are good for health but keeping baked potatoes for long kills all its nutrients. And when you re-heat potatoes to eat, it might hamper your digestive system and make you feel nauseated too.

  1. Beetroot

If you cook beetroot to eat and store the leftovers, then you must never re-heat before eating. This kills the nitrates available in the beetroot and hampers your health. Instead, just keep the beetroot out of fridge for few hours before eating and then eat when it’s back to normal temperature.

  1. Mushroom

Mushrooms are full of proteins and that is why it is the best to eat them when they are freshly cooked. If you re-heat them before eating, you might kill the composition of those proteins and it will affect your health.

  1. Spinach

Re-heating spinach to eat can be dangerous for your health because it has nitrates in it that turn into cancer properties if re-heated. So, it’s the best to avoid eating re-heated spinach.


All these foods are as good as poison if you are not eating them fresh. So, take care of your health and don’t re-heat these foods.

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