10 Ways To Exact Revenge On A Cheating Spouse

cheating spouse

Cheating spouse – It was recently reported that a woman put habanero sauce in her cheating husband’s condoms to exact revenge for the hurt he had caused.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, aptly fits here. But when it comes to cheating in relationship, it is not only women who suffer; there are instances when men get victimised too.

Upon occurrence of one such situation, heartbreak ensues which is followed by psychological rehabilitation that is the outcome of self-doubt.

If you are one of the betrayed souls and seek vengeance, try one of these creative ways to get back at your cheating ex –

Revenge on a cheating spouse

An Online Sale

Sell off their personal belongings online

If you have been living with your partner, it is obvious that they would move out of the house once you have caught them cheating. The best thing would be to auction off their personal belongings online. Obviously, you would want to keep the money for yourself.

Act Suicidal

Acting suicidal will make them feel guilty of cheating

It is evident that you are hurt and you want to hurt them back. You can act suicidal. It will freak out your ex totally and make them feel guilty for the crime they have committed. For obvious reasons, they would think twice, thrice and more times before cheating again.

Spill Drink on Them ‘Accidently’

Spill drink on them to leave a visual mark

You will definitely get satisfaction if the drink is coffee. Imagine something hot and not so easy to wipe off of clothes; you would not only ‘burn’ their skin, but probably ruin their favourite shirt.


Put your graffiti skills to good use

The modern day has no lack of resources when it comes to advertising something. You can definitely put your cheating spouse to shame by advertising about their misdemeanour and the best platform would be their prized car.

Write a Song

Writing a song can help you ease off pressure…and make you rich, too

Expressing how you feel is important. Although it is a misconception that writers produce their best work when depressed, it can work sometimes. Now we all know how Taylor Swift is making all those big bucks, don’t we?

Sell Their Car

Sell their car for the cheapest price

Selling car does not seem like a daunting task, but the value does matter. It is your choice to set the price. But when it comes to exacting revenge, the smaller the amount, the bigger is the hurt. You and your partner must have discussed the amount at which you would want to sell your car. This time around, sell it way cheap.

Use Their Toothbrush…To Clean Toilet

Achieve guilty pleasure by using their toothbrush to clean toilet

Don’t just clean the toilet with their toothbrush and run off. Wait and watch the entire episode fold out when they use it to brush their teeth. Ah! The guilty pleasure will be like no other.

Rip Off The Zipper From All Pants

Tear off the zipper from all their pants

Ripping off the zipper from all their pants would definitely set them straight. Not only does that mean embarrassment, but also additional expenses.

Online Exposé

Expose their misdemeanour on different online platforms

Internet is one of the best platforms for information. Sites like Facebook and Twitter receive enormous traffic every day. Post status exposing your spouse of things that they did. That would shame them for life and bring you the much-needed satisfaction, even if temporary.

Glue Their Penis

Target where it hurts the most

Penis is the man’s brain, which when operates, destroys relationships. Glue it against their thigh! It is cruel and terrible to think of but what your man has done isn’t something cheerful either. The act not only will leave a lasting scar, but will discourage them from cheating any time further.

These are the ways you can take revenge on a cheating spouse –

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