People Who Think That They’ll NEVER Find A Good Partner In Life, These Answers Are For YOU!

Relationship Issues

Relationship Issues – At times, many people think that they’ll never be able to find a romantic partner in LIFE. You know, sometimes you look at your friends and their partner and their PDA, and then deep down you think “Will I ever be able to find  a person who loves me so much?” Well, undoubtedly, this feeling SUCKS.

Yes, it really does.

Even though you’re destined to end up with a romantic partner, it happens, that for a moment, you question everything about it. You know what; you’re NOT the only one in this situation. Yes, there are many others who went through the same situation and luckily they’re now happy because they certainly met a romantic partner. Recently, Redditors came up with a question “Those who felt like they would never ever find a romantic partner and then did, what advice would you give to those who feel the same way now?”

Read the answers below Relationship Issues –

  1. Say yes more. I know it seems absurd, but after watching “Yes Man” I started going out more often to places that my friends and acquaintances invited me to. Had I continued along the path I was going on, I would never have gone over to my friends BBQ to meet a girl they suggested for me, and I likely wouldn’t be married to her today.
  2. Be patient, also instead of being Interesting try to be interested.
  3. Sometimes you just have to wait. It’s not that you’re not lovable or don’t deserve love, it just means there are too many people on this earth and finding one that’s perfect for you will take awhile. Don’t just settle with anyone because you’re desperate to have any sort of connection, hold onto you ideals.
  4. Give up. Seriously. Just stop looking and focus on yourself. Join a gym, take a class, start a hobby. When you build yourself up, you put off an air of confidence that draws people to you.
  5. Stop looking for the right person and be the right person.
  6. Don’t settle for someone who isn’t what you want, just because you are desperate for someone.
  7. I met a girl for a date and we friend zoned each other hard. But, because of that, I no longer cared what she thought of me. I was 100% myself, since who cares, if she wants to be my friend that’s who she’s going to get… Well, I don’t know WTF happened, but we’re engaged and getting married this fall. So, my advice is that love truly is unexpected, and it sometimes finds you when you’re not even looking for it.
  8. NEVER EVER only stay in a relationship because you “can’t find anyone else”.

Relationship Issues – Do you have any advice to share from your side? Let us know about it in the comment section below.

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