Ancient History Best Emperors of India

Best Emperors of India

Best Emperors of India – Great Monarchs of the ancient Indian History who brought in the revolution in arts, politics, spirituality and religion.

The transitions and the conquer of the great kings from one dynasty to another led to betterment to the empire and his people.

Best Emperors of India –


The greatest empire in ancient History ruled over his empire as one of the strongest rulers with his nine men known as Navratna Birbal, Raja Toder Mal, Raja Man Singh, Tansen, Abul Fazel, Faizi, Fakir Aziao-din, Mullah Do Piazza, Abdul Rahim Khan-I-Khana. You can find popular editions on Birbal and Tansen. Taansen, the expert in Indian music and Birbal the most intelligent guide to the court of Akbar.

Jalal-ud-din Akbar, the third Mughal emperor he is Muslim by religion but had respect for other religion. Dominancy was not seen in his character as marked out by his marriage to Jodha. Rajput, Hindu by religion but never forced her to change her religion.


The emperor of the Mauryan Dynasty reigned from c.268 – 232 BCE born in Pataliputra, won the Kalinga war but with the death of several soldiers and innocent people finally, this led him into grief. The empire who preached for the Buddhism, Buddhism the religion that believed in “Ahimsa”.

The Asoka chakra resemblance to peace is seen in the National emblem, the Asoka pillars were built in order to establish the Buddhism religion, monks and priests following Buddhism travelled in different parts as you can read about the Asoka the Great in “Ashokavadana”.

Best Emperors of India

 Chandragupta Maurya

The great fighter and ruler of the Mauryan dynasty, he is known for the great war with Alexander the great with the superpower or strength with arms and forces compared to the Maurya’s military strength, it was the intelligence Kautilya which ended up in defeating the Alexander.

Kautilya the most intelligent who guided the King to rule his empire with victory, Jainism religion, he accredited later. Arthashastra was written by “Chanakya” defined about the administration, civilization and literature during the reign of the Mauryan Dynasty.

Best Emperors of India


From the Gupta dynasty ruled the empire from the river Ravi to the Brahmaputra river, east side while from the Himalayas foothills in North till central India in the south-west. Honored with the title of Prakarma, fought hundreds of battles and won them, in the depicted coins of his reign a tall body with muscular physique is carved.

Apart from it, few inscriptions show that he had a good interest in music while defeating the best musicians of his time one is “Narada” and the other is “Tumburu”.

Samudragupta the ruler with strength and boldness, victory in battles and a talented person ruler with kindness concerned about the poor and helpless people.

Best Emperors of India


History remembers Kanishka for the success as a ruler in the military, political and also the religious or spiritual from the Kushan Dynasty. The ruler extended his empire from the Tarim basin in Turfan to the Ganges plain.

The ruler who believed in Buddhism encouraged preaching of the religion, authentic art lover inspired the Gandhara school of Greco Art and Mathura school of Hindu Art. Popular from the Kushan Dynasty which is located in Peshawar, Pakistan now the “ Kanishka Stupa”.

Best Emperors of India

Best Emperors of India – Indian History has been enriched with many emperors who reigned with power and intelligence apart from it these emperors encouraged the religious preaching, even inspired the form of Art.

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