Marriages 2020 Cheapest of Highest Expenses, Guess How? 

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Marriages have always been one of the most auspicious ceremonies that we celebrate to the extent of happiness and cultures. People cherish the new bonding of the families and relationships together, We have observed celebrities marriages lavishly organized in foreign countries as destination marriages. But marriages 2020 has shown the other side of the coin.

The pandemic has brought the highest expense to the cheapest. Disheartening for the couple’s enthusiasm who wanted a Gala Party or dreamt to celebrate it extravagantly. But it turned to be beneficial as the marriages are been possible within the presence of extremely close and dearer people around.


Few expenses on invitees

A common and traditional belief is to celebrate your new relationship in the presence of friends and families. Food and drinks are served, to the guests and invitees from the day of the beginning of the celebration. In Indian marriages, the guests are invited about one week before fulfill and participate in the rituals.

But marriage 2020 has limited the presence of the guests, it has reduced the expenses but equally reduced the happiness that was possible when relatives are present.

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No show-offs

Yes, a better part of the marriages that have created a difference is no show-offs. When you have the close ones around who wants to be in the part of your marriages will ensure no negative prompts on the arrangements.

It is already believed that Indian marriages are incomplete without a few confrontations. Meanwhile, the couples will have relief from the unwanted stresses, from both the families and within the family.

You do not have to think about their feedbacks on the decorations, the servings, and the type of items that will be satisfactory. But still, unless anything is exceptional and expensive, show-offs you cannot expect good to your ears. 

No spends on high, on the show-offs to prove exotic and expensive unless required for the comfort of the invitees.

Close people around

Restrictions on the gathering of the people and social distancing in Covid-19 in public areas and occasions have added difficulty and obstacles to invite guests to attend the marriage ceremony. Though it was taken as a fun fact to arrange marriages in social media have become a true story. In the lockdown period, in the presence of the pandit, couples and their family members have made the conception of virtual marriage possible.


Invite friends in the virtual marriages 2020, family, and the priest or pundits to attend the ceremony and bless the couple in the new beginning of life through overcoming the pandemic. Expenses, more or less but the year of a pandemic will always remain memorable when you were determined to have a new relationship beginning.

A wedding can be fun and cherishing occasions even spending almost no money when you can find your close ones around. Edging aside the conception of destination marriages or spending for exceptionals, so that people will remember their marriage organized. But without spending much in marriages 2020 it has provided an opportunity to stay as a grand memory of the era.  

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