Guys, These Are The 6 Questions That You Must Avoid Asking A Girl!

Questions You Shouldn't Ask A Girl

Questions You Shouldn’t Ask A Girl – Guys, a wrong question is like a bow arrow that directly hits your image. So, you need to be very careful when you choose words while talking with a girl. You know, one wrong question will directly spoil your image. Women want to feel good when somebody is talking to them. You know, they want to feel respected. A mistake while talking to them can sometimes turn out to be unforgivable as well. So, while communicating and knowing them, there are certain questions that you should avoid asking.

Even though it’s 2017, not each and every girl will take these questions sportingly. So, be prepared with the right ones and delete these wrong ones immediately.

Here are 6 questions you shouldn’t ask a girl –

  1. What happened in your last relationship?

Now, if a girl is comfortable, then trust me she’ll talk about her relationships without you even asking. So, don’t rush and ask her from your side. What will happen is, then she’ll think that maybe you’re more interested into knowing about her past rather than enjoying the moment in time. And trust me; once you ask this question, nothing remains the same.

  1. Do you want me to gift you a make-up box?

Ugh, this thing happened with my friend and she was very frustrated when she came back home. I mean, obviously, how can someone ask that? Makeup box, really? Never ever bump into asking this one, ‘cause at that moment a girl over-thinks about her beauty and she becomes uncomfortable.

  1. So, how much money do you make?

Well, why does it matter? Are you checking whether she earns more than you or not? If she’s making more money than are you gonna try hard to impress her? It is never a good thing to ask a girl about how much she earns. So, honestly, never ask this question to any girl who’s communicating with you.

  1. When was the last time you did something DIRTY? *Wink*

Guys please don’t ask this one, because it makes you look like a desperate nerd. You know what she’ll think about this scenario? She’ll think that you’re trying hard to do something dirty with her as she has done it before as well. It sounds so terrible, right? So, please don’t make it happen.

  1. Can I come to your place or are you coming with me?

What? Do you think that just because she’s talking to you, she’s ready to invite or come over to your place? Guys, this is so not fair. Never dare to ask this question, because in the end, you might get few punches for sure.

  1. How much do you weigh?

Earlier asking about age was very wrong, right? But, now it is somewhat possible to figure out a girl’s age through her social media profile. So, leaving that aside, there are guys who now ask this ‘weight” question. Firstly, it doesn’t look good. Secondly, why do you care so much about her weight? So, avoid this one.

These are the 6 questions you shouldn’t ask a girl. Any thoughts? Comment below.

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