What People Notice When They First Meet?

First meet

Definitely, your first impression helps creating your image infront of those, whom you meet.

Be it your meeting with a client, going for a date, for an interview, family function or anything, you surely don’t want to spoil it, right?

Find out what are the things people notice when they first meet you:

When you first meet !

1  Your smile:

No matter how rough your day is or was, if you are greeted by a cheerful face, it will automatically boost you too. Smile is contagious, just like yawn. You do in a room and you would see the result by yourself. So smile bright when you are about to meet someone special or close.

First meet

2  What you wear in feet:

You will be never advised to put on those fancy heels or block coloured sandals, that makes a creepy sound while walking. Especially when you have to pick or style for an interview, always opt formals that are comfy and don’t make noise. In a hall filled with people yet quite, heels should not be loud.

First meet

3  What your wear:

What you wear, may not matter to you but forsure to the person you meet. It defines your taste and how you carry yourself. Better not talk about brands, judging people on the basis of brands they wear or carry is something you should better avoid. A good sense of dressing always pave the way in such case.

First meet

4  How you communicate?

No matter how trendy you look, how bright you glee, if you step behind in communicating, all that makeover has no use. In nutshell, eventually people will  frame you what you are not what you are trying to be, be it with the style you carry, the makeup you do or any filter applied to impress  them. To build any relationship, communication is must, try to work on it, the fancy slangs are transient.

First meet

5  Sense of Humour:

Hey! how is life treating you? great?…what now? Sense of humour is something that takes the conversation to a new level. Be if good or bad, depends the person you are dealing with. You will never get bored in the company of a person with an a good sense of humour and an average IQ, if you’re sapiosexual, you may demand the later more.

First meet

When you First meet – You must have heard of the saying, first impression is a last impression, well it happens only if you give no second chance to the person, to know you better. Living in the era of advance technology, you have lot of fancy ways to entice people, yet all are temporary. They might hang out with you for a day or two, but eventually you would be judged for who you really are. Above listed things are those which people notice when you meet them. This is not because it interests them, but it defines you. Be it your dressing sense, your sense of humour, your communication skills or your smile, tells what kind of person you are. Your nature, if good, helps to allure people. May that’s what they call a charming personality!

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