An Open Letter To Those Who Are Not Able To Forget Their Ex-Lover


Hi there,

I hope now you are feeling better than before.

As I know that things after thebreakup have been really hard on you.

But now it has been years and there is no point of remembering your ex-lover. Especially, when they didn’t do any good to you and left you at the time when you needed them the most. So, why do you even want to recall those memories of your Ex-Lover? Why do you keep on finding you Ex-Lover in every person you meet?

Well, trust me it will only hurt you more. I completely understand that you loved the person with all your heart but they didn’t love you as much as you did. Otherwise why would they be happy with somebody else right now?

And leave you here confused with all the pain and anguish. Thus, respect yourself enough and drop the idea that your ex is ever going to come back. As a person who can hurt you once wouldn’t mind hurting you again.

Apparently my friend, you are blindfolded by all the good times that you two have spent together and can’t see the never ending pain your Ex-Lover has given to you. It’s time you open your eyes and see that you have a beautiful life ahead of you, therefore don’t spend it on crying over someone who never deserved you in the first place. Remember the time when things got tough and that person immediately gave up on the relationship you two build with so much love. They didn’t even fight for you, not even once.

By now, I am sure all kind of questions are popping in your mind- “Was it my fault?” “Was I not good enough?” “Do they miss me?”

Well, the answer for all this is that it wasn’t you, it was them.

Rather you were the one who wanted it forever. You were the one who never gave up on them. You were the one who was there for them during the thick and thin. You loved them more than anything in the world and they just threw it all in the trash. Also, don’t forget that you gave them more than they deserved. So, if you can love someone like your Ex-Lover then just imagine how much you will love someone who would love you unconditionally and would want to spend their life with you.

So, forget about your Ex-Lover and go out as you never know where you will find the ‘ONE’.

Your well-wisher


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