On-And-Off-Relationship, Here’s How On-Again Can Leave You Broken!

On-Again-Off-Again Relationship

“On-Again-Off-Again Relationship”

There are many couples who experience this bouncy stage of on-again-off again in their relationship. Some think “on & off” is something that makes the relationship even stronger than it was. But, is that really true? I don’t think so.

Sometimes, continuously giving it a chance can leave you broken for life and you’ll feel unhappy.

I am not saying that EVERY on-again-off-again relationship doom but there are some which are surely not meant to last forever. (No matter how many chances you give)

Now if you want to know how giving “on-again” a shot can dishearten you, read these important points.

  1. You feel uncomfortable and unhappy

No matter how many good things your partner is doing, you still can’t feel happy from the bottom of your heart. And whenever you both are hanging out with each other, all you feel is uncomfortableness.

  1. You’re dealing with the same troubles

Last time you took a break because you both thought you can’t deal with the problem that took place. But because of affection, you came back together and dang, the same trouble is starting to bother you all over again.

Obviously, it is making hard to stay happy and nothings seems amazing.

  1. You GIVE UP on trying things

Your relationship has affected you so much that you’re literally trying to give up on everything around. Even though you’re looking happy to be back, deep inside the decision is just killing you and you’re regretting it. (It happens!)

  1. You’ve started hating yourself

Your on-again-off-again relationship has made you so weak that now you feel totally miserable. You might start hating yourself thinking about the times you broke up and words that hurted your feelings.

  1. You feel depressed

Even though you’re back, the fact that you both broke up several times make you feel depressed and sad. You want to make everything work for good but still you’ve unknowingly become a victim of depression.

  1. You feel NOTHING

Even though you’re back together, all you feel is nothing.

You know you are being loved but your on-again is not making you feel happy instead you feel heartless and hopeless.

At first place, there are several reasons why a breakup keeps happening all the time. Frankly, if you feel this time the idea of “on-again” won’t work, then stop giving it a shot. Can you imagine this happening when you’re married? It’s worse, right? So, stop it when it’s a right time.

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