10 Nineties Brands That Will Make You Wanna Grow Up Again!

Famous brands of nineties – the great brands which were a sine-qua-non of our life during that time can make you remember number of things and take you back to the time.

Nineties is the most nostalgic period for the people who grew up at that point of time.

You might be wondering why I go so obsessed with this time. But not even our college days can take the place of the amazing childhood we had during the nineties.

The days of Doordarshan, cassettes, brick games in every person’s childhood have the most treasured moments of the life time. It reminds us about our silliness, innocence and naughty acts. So keeping up this nostalgic feeling, we have some more reasons to go back to this time.

The great brands which were a sine-qua-non of our life during that time can make you remember number of things and take you back to the time.

Chetak Scooter, by Bajaj

“Humara Bajaj”

This great vehicle, Bajaj Chetak scooter of our childhood time has been an epic part. It was an amazing family vehicle for the middle class Indian family for a very long time and I am sure everyone must have had a ride on it at least for once. The manufacture of this vehicle was terminated in the year 2009.




“Chic chic chic Chiclets..”

Whenever I think about this sugar coated chewing gum, I vaguely remember its advertisement with the jingle, chic chic chiclets. This small little chewing gum candies went very popular at that time.



Gold Spot

“The Zing Thing”

This cold-drink manufactured by Parle India, was one of the most popular fizzy drink that was introduced in India. This orange flavoured cold drink was an instant favourite, especially among the youth. It was discontinued in the year 2000.




“One Of The Happiest Fruit Drinks”

The modern day’s brand Frooti was the olden day’s Jumpin which has made many people’s childhood a memorable one. This was the mango flavour cold drink which was very famous among the children of that time.



Sony Walkman

Unlike the today’s day of Sound cloud and Spotify, where the music is readily available online, those were the days when music was absolutely exclusive. Sony Walkman was one of the gadgets which made music handy and portable. It was the player which used to play a cassette by plugging in the ear phones.




“ Chahe Jitna Bhi Khao Swad Se Pachao”

This Indian candy has been surely relished by most of us during our childhood days. It had a different yet delicious tangy flavour which was fun to have and share among our friends. This was out of those delicious candies which had amazing taste and yet was healthy.



Cofitos Candy

“Coffee Cream Candy”

The counter part of the toffee coffy bite was cofitos candy which was just amazing to eat. This yummy candy has now disappeared from the market but is still fresh in our childhood memories.



Pepsi Cola

The epic cooler of our times that too in just 1 rupee, Pepsi Cola was an ice bar with all kinds of different coloured syrup like green, yellow, red etc. This was an amazing drink cooler, especially in summers to get away with rising temperature, which is now a very rare sight to have.




“Gas Par Double War”

Dabur Hingoli was another tangy tablet to have to when your stomach was upset. It was an Ayurvedic formula for the stomach problem and very tasty at the same time.



Pogo Bubble Gum

Unlike the Pogo channel which is very popular among the kids these days, Pogo was a fruit flavoured bubble gum very popular among the kids during our childhood days and it used to cost just Re. 1.


So hope these brands would have just freshened up your old days and managed to bring a smile on your lovely face!

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