Keep These Things in Mind if You Are Crushing on Someone at The Office

Office romance

Office romance – Dating someone from the office always entails its own sets of risks and advantages.

May be you should glance through the company’s employee dating policy handbook before taking the plunge.

When you are eyeing someone at the office, there is always a concern at the back of your mind that your co-workers and boss might not react positively to Office romance or worse, how you will face each other if you have the worst break-up. It is difficult to see through someone at the same workplace, after all. But then, that rational voice in your head is overpowered by emotions when you see their efficiency at work, productivity and meet them everyday as a matter of fact.

Well, look at the below pointers before being carried away by the windswept emotions of Office romance:

1 – Feeling is not acting:

It is pretty human to like someone, somewhere but acting on those emotions are not always important. Feelings, for that matter, are meant to be enjoyed and you should make the most of it. Trust your intuition and act, if necessary but not anytime before that.

2 – Keep yourself in control when your feelings aren’t:

It’s you who is in charge of your feelings and your feelings don’t control you. If you understand this simple arithmetic, deciding will be simpler for you. Feelings are like simmering cauldron which you have let generate slowly. You can instead vent those emotions in other things you like just to divert your attention from that person in question.

3 – It’s dangerous to feel guilty:

This guilt feeling is synonymous to throwing gasoline in fire. The reason why we said that feeling guilty is dangerous because this will lead you to do unscrupulous things and repent later. Moreover, guilt plagues our rational thinking so here comes the same solution as above, rule your thoughts but not let your thoughts rule you.

4 – Butterflies in the stomach are okay:

Those butterflies in the stomach are okay at their sight. You might, in the meanwhile brush up your skills such as dress sharply or speak readily in the meetings or give wider contribution in the big projects. You have to put the guilt wayside and let the butterflies keep coming. You will only mature as a person and a professional in the due course, even if it is to impress her. Remember that the thumping heart is having happy sparks inside so let it have its happy time also.

5 – Don’t appear obvious to them:

The trick is to be more professional and not let your crush surpass you. Be more cautious about your emotions and remember not to look at them as if you are thirsty, they will get the clear hint. Why feed their ego?

Office romance – It’s okay if romantic feelings cultivate between co-workers but being cautious is highly advisable.

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