5 Reasons Why You Should Never Chase The Woman You Have A Crush On

never chase the woman you have a crush on

Never chase the woman you have a crush on – When you have a crush on a woman, it makes you as much insane as it makes you feel the butterflies.

One minute, you think all trust is lost, and afterward there’s that one instant message that implies its back on.

You plan and you plot since you need to play the diversion. But don’t you think chasing the woman that you have a crush on is a bit too overrated because it does no good. I mean, yes if you get the woman you chase then it’s a whole another story but apart from that, there are a lot of drawbacks.

Focusing on that, here are 5 reasons why you should never chase the woman you have a crush on.

Never chase the woman you have a crush on – 

  1. You hurt yourself

By running behind someone who is not at all into you, you put yourself down and demean your own heart. Well, you might be in love with her but she is not and that should be enough for you to stop right there. It’s okay to try your luck but once the things are clear, it’s time for you to move on.

  1. You hurt the woman

Well, you might think that you are the only one who is getting hurt and she likes the feeling of rejecting you, but the truth is that she gets equally hurt. No woman in this world wants to hurt someone’s feelings intentionally and if you really do love her, just think about that.

  1. You miss out on other chances

While you are busy in chasing the woman who doesn’t like you, it happens that someone does like you and you miss out on them. Love is always around you and sometimes, you just chase it in the wrong direction. So, don’t be a fool to miss out on actual love.

  1. It might just be infatuation

You may like to believe that it is love but actually, it could be just mere infatuation. But you like to believe that it is love just for the sake of it. What you can do is try to distract yourself with something or someone else and see how you felt when you weren’t thinking about the so called love.

  1. You need to love yourself

How is it possible for any person in this world to run behind someone who doesn’t even care about their feelings? Well, I understand that love can make your forget about a hundred things but you cannot stop loving you for loving someone else. So, instead of running behind her, just try to love yourself.

These are the reasons never chase the woman you have a crush on. If you understand these reasons properly, then I am sure as hell that you will be able to get over the woman you are chasing in no matter of time.

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