Lose Weight Easily ! Yes, No Exercise, No Dieting And No Medicine

Lose weight plan

Lose weight plan – We all certainly have great plans to shed those extra pounds with super diet plans, hitting the gym and more strategies.

This could be quite challenging and so you may find it difficult to hit the gym – exercise, eat limited – Lose weight plan.

So, for all those who face such difficulty – we here got you some plans or the so called strategies to let go the weight of the body. Follow them and see considerable results for yourself.  Do not expect over night results strictly follows the below steps and you will surely lose weight over the months.

Lose weight plan –

  1. In-take of some water, just before meal

Yes, take at least one glass of water right before the meal or 10 minutes before meal. This actually works wonders, in case you strictly have plans to shed weight. Water before meal occupies space inside and letting you eat just very less. Drink water only after 45 minutes of having lunch. If you drink water properly as advised you will lose weight soon. 

  1. Have meals in smaller plates

Instead of trying to serve yourself with just less food in bigger plates, make use of smaller plates for your meals. This works wonders, trust me! This, wonderful mind hack, which lets you consume less amount of food. Stress more on salads and soups, fruits. Whatever you eat make sure its health and not junk.

  1. Let there be more proteins in the food that you take.

Ensure that you take proteins well, instead of those fatty foods that make you lazy – no   adding more pounds to you.

  1. No caffeinated or carbonated drinks, please

Try completely avoiding those carbonated and caffeinated drinks. Though they may taste good heaven, but you need to  set yourself free from the temptation.

  1. Say no to junk

Stay absolutely away from junk like pizza, fries, burgers and many other junk which are good for nothing in real.

  1. Know what you eat without any kind of electronic distractions

Set yourself free from all kinds of electronic distractions like your mobile gadgets, TV, computers etc.

  1. Incorporate more fibres in your diet

As we know that the fibres are good for the body, incorporate more of fibre filled food items into the meals. 

  1. Chew N chew, slowly

This may actually sound funny 😉 Haha!! But works. Chew your food slowly, instead of hurrying your way in chewing the food too. This has a hacking effect on the mind that you had enough amount of food, even when you actually dint. This means you eat less and then less calories. 😉

  1. Eat more fruits

Stress on eating more fruits as they have less calories and high in fiber and will keep you full.

  1. Make a point not to eat after sunset

Trust me it’s not difficult eat your dinner by 6 in evening everyday and after that drinks lots of water. If you can eat daily try eating by 6 in evening at least 5 times a week. This way you don’t need to diet or exercise.

So, these were some simple, but greatly effective Lose weight plan – incase you have plans to loose weight and stay sleek 😉 Good Day!!

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