We Will Tell You Which Aquaman Character You Are Based On Your Zodiac

Jason Mamoa left us swooning over him with that defiant chivalry. “I am Leo, hear me roar”, ironically, he was born under this majestic sunsign and its traits brought life to his character on the screen. Aquaman charmed the hearts of cine-goes who like a little-to-more extravaganza in the visual entertainment. If you are not Leo, sadly, you won’t fit into the Jason Mamoa’s character. But wait, we can tell you which character you can rather portray as per your zodiac sign.

Aries is Jesse:

There is just one thing that activates your mind, that’s war. You can’t handle defeat even if you have risk your life for it.

Taurus is Mera:

You are gorgeous, motivated and consistent.

Gemini is Mantra:

You have a memory of an Elephant. You are tech-savvy and resourceful.

Cancer is Atlanna:

You are a home to who need you. Overly sentimental and mysterious, Atlanna epitomizes selfless love. As you are the mother of the sea, you can do anything for the safety of your child.

Leo is King Nereus:

You have practiced self-control and you are most content in that mode. Aside from that, you are charismatic and can’t trade your pride for anything. You will try tooth and nail to protect your loved ones.

Virgo is Captain Murk:

No one can beat your determination, ability to work hard and the observing power. You are always prepared to do whatever comes in your way with utmost precision.

Libra is Queen Rina:

You will bring justice to your kingdom come what may. You are driven, powerful and your life revolves around the ones you love, especially your partner.

Scorpio is Karathen:

Your entire character is shrouded by mystery and that defines you. You have bottomless intensity and extremely powerful. You are manipulative nd always vengeful. The plus point is that you are extremely loyal.

Sagittarius is Tom Curry:

Life is an adventure for you and you will always despise confinements. You always want to venture towards the unknown because unraveling mysteries excite your spirit. Nature is your best friend and it gives you back.

Capricorn is Vulko:

Aside from being the repository of sophisticated, you are practical and driven. You believe in making plants before attempting something. You plan in advance and endorse discipline in everything you do.

Aquarius is King Orm:

You are a rebel person and intelligent to say the least. You are detached from the outer world full  because you always like to think out of the box. However, you need to make sure that you are thinking in the right lines.

Pisces is Arthur:

You are just magical beyond reasonable limits. You are all love and compassionate. You have the world in your back because you are withdrawn to a different universe. You can fiercely sacrifice for the ones you love which makes you different.

I am just two seconds away from watching the film again, are you too?



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