10 Most Painful Good-byes

Among the scores of odd emotions, sadness and unrequited love has been killing people from ages and there is a maddening tumult in our heart when we bid farewell to someone who we really held dear and planned our future with. The most heartbreaking good-byes are, however the ones that is unexplained. Not always we mean to say good-bye to them, also it doesn’t establish the fact that we don’t love them anymore, it is however the most painful way to express your deep love. The person leaves but the scar in your heart remains forever. Furthermore, there is a sense of defeat because you tried so hard to make things prosper.

There is always confusion between waiting and forgetting as both are painful and we are always in an awkward dilemma which one to choose. Here are some examples of the most painful good-byes that will leave you misty-eyed:

When you say good-bye to a person and still wait for his texts, you are in an endless tunnel of depression and darkness. You wake up every morning with his thoughts and a biting heartache and wait for the day when you will stop missing him. But it looks forever anyway.

You know in your heart that when he stops missing you, it may be because you have stopped missing him too. But some years down the line, when you both have moved on with your lives, the thought of bumping into him and act like start strangers makes your heart numb.


You move hell and heaven to forget the person but a part of you still craves for his touch always.

You are sure to lose some people in your life span and you realize no matter how much time you spent with them and how much you truly appreciated them and told them so, it will never seem like you have had enough of them.

It is never wise enough to shift focus to other potential love interest to forget one person because it same like imprisoning yourself again and hoping for the impossible.

One day you will realize you have lost a diamond while playing with worthless stones.

He will stay in your heart forever but it is painful to come to terms with the fact that he won’t stay in your life.

His memories will rush in in those lonely evenings, while you visit the places you visited together, but he will not be there by your side neither there will be any hope of him coming back.


You will cry and be over it for some days, then you will cry and love him again until one fine day your heart turns cold and you don’t think of coming back again.


Loving him was never a mistake, it proves that you are a kind person but thinking that he loved you surely was.

Those people who have passed through this phase will completely relate to all the above points.




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