How to Handle a Truly Moody Boyfriend

There is no fun in a relationship if it is not challenging, but obviously not abusive or toxic. The fundamental reason why some relationships set examples is both the partners by observing each other, understand each other’s darkest impulses and sunny moments alike. The whole nine yards of making a relationship prosper depends on how much mutual respect is there and how much of a keeper both the partners are. In a relationship however, one partner can unapologetically moody but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t care. He too has his dull moments, may be more frequently than you, but if you know at your heart that this is the person then he is worth all the patience.

Try to understand what is making him sad: Your boyfriend is sad for a reason so find out the root cause behind his sadness. He may have a bad day at work, picked up a duel with a friend whatever be the case, you have to figure out the reason. But don’t push him if he doesn’t want to talk. Let him be for some time.

Try to turn his negative emotions into positive: It’s not wise to pester him when he is angry. Give him some time to calm down and when he gets back to talking with you, show him the brighter side of things. Building your man up is really going to reward you in future.

Be a good listener: If your boyfriend is ready to share his experience with you, be a good listener and don’t pass judgments. Boost his morale instead.


Find out if he is JUST moody or depressed: Depression is exasperating and prospers for a long time. However, it is not a phase but a battle. Be observant, if your boyfriend is throwing tantrums for a week or not showing interest on things that always excited him, he is depressed and needs your constant emotional support.


Dealing with a moody person needs a lot of patience because if you can’t handle him in his worst times, you definitely don’t deserve him in his best.


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