Unbelievable Facts About The Serial Killer Family “Bloody Benders”

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Bloody Benders was the first known family serial killer from 1870. From the 1800s incidents, the Benders were infamous for killing travelers. The family was of four members who murdered 12  and fled away. The infamous serial killer family was never found after the murdered incidents. The Benders had a beautiful land and house of 160 acres near the Great Osage Trail, Kansas. There they had built a cabin, barn along with well. Beautified large area with garden and vegetation around the cabin.

Later the cabin was separated for offering space for travelers. They had a grooming business when travelers started staying there. Suspicious was the nature of John Bender’s wife who was married many times. It is also rumored that she had murdered all her husbands.

Kate Bender, the daughter of Bender who preached on spiritualism. Her nature was suspicious due to her strange psychic behavior during the time of 1800s.

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Serial Killing was a family business

The green garden covered with vegetables and the apple orchid was a beautiful landscape. But when the area was dug about eight bodies were found dead. Travelers were severely injured and then killed. Murdering the travelers and stealing money from them had become their family business.

Their conspiracy towards killing the travelers lasts long till there was suspicion. It was when the traveler began to disappear and did not return. After missing family, and Dr. York it was his brother Colonel who visited the area in search of the Benders.

After the Colonel revisits the Bender’s place, it was evacuated. No one was present in the inn. It turned to become a matter of worry. Some travelers were threatened by the Benders which made suspicious remarks to the people around. Kate was believed to be psyche but also a good spiritual speaker who attracted the guests.

Bloody Benders serial killer family were never caught

The strange part of the Blood benders, the serial killers were never caught after they fled from Kansas. Searching for the families their car was found few kilometers away but no one was there. Looking for several years the  Bender’s family was not caught. They were then known as the first family serial killers of America.

Few believe that they may have been murdered while few say that they may have fled away from the country. Colonel York had offered rewards on finding and catching the Benders but there was only news that the vigilantes had killed the Bloody Benders.

The technique of Serial Killing

A table was placed near a trap door. After a warm welcome by Kate, she engaged the travelers in interesting topics or lectures on spirituality. When the solo travelers were busy in conversation from behind covered with a cloth or canvas John Bender stroked the head with a hammer.

Then the neck was cut by Kate to put the traveler to death. Later they pushed the body through the trap door and buried them on the ground.

Among the buried bodies only one body was not found to be wounded similar to others. Blood Benders may have killed them by strangling her neck.











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