Can Men And Women Be Just Friends? Here’s The Truth Of The Most Debated Question!

Men and women be just friends

Men and women be just friends – Falling for a girl or a guy doesn’t actually need to start with the so-called ‘love at first sight’.

It can start from the very common stage of just being friends. Just here, the society around poses you with a most disgusting and annoying question according to can men and women be just friends?!

We are tend to yell and giving arrogant answers, when asked such questions. But make sure the answer is ‘yes’. You gotta trust me, that could just be a temporary answer.

At some point of time you guys are going to fall for each other.

Men and women be just friends

Social media prevailing over handwriting letters and greetings, your friend that is a girl keeps in touch with you even at very late hours of the day. Though she has no intentions, which you got – she loves spending time with you, talk her heart out, share everything that happens in her life. This is exactly when guys assume it to be love, that the girl has got feelings for him. And they are the ones that are heartbroken, when the girl makes it clear that she has got no such intentions.

And the same with girl buddies. You all have one friend that is a boy, with whom you can talk everything, every shitty thing the world has got – breaking aside the stereo type girl feels. Since he spends a lot of time talking and hanging out with you, you feel all cool. But you actually tend to feel insecure and ignored – when you’re male friends gets into picture another girl. You feel ignored, rise in sexual tension. That could be the point, you tend to realise that you have fallen for him. But who is that new one into your life, could be the question that keeps triggering your heart.

This is the question that am actually addressing now. Can a boy and girl be just friends?! Do they really share a purest relation of just being friends? Well, no offence – but I, say they can never be. A boy and a girl can never be JUST friends. They will both fall for each other for sure. Probably, that is how the universe has the genders built up. Male, falling for a female or a female falling for a male. But, sure shot that both of them falls for each other.

My final word – None of a Men and women be just friends. And if they say a big NO to this, I consider that to be a ‘lie’. Be it anything, but it is not fair to play around with feelings of a person, that you know has got feels for you. Instead of taking advantage – make it clear to him/her, because they may get devastated later on knowing that you got no intentions at all.

Don’t be a reason for someone ruining their life for you. Speak out your intentions in simple and clearer ways that can be conveyed more easily to the other person.

Make sure you don’t hurt, someone’s feelings.

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