People With These 7 Traits Are Not Marriage Material At All!

Marriage Material

“Marriage Material”

It is definitely not a secret that at the beginning of a relationship everything seems totally perfect. Like some of ‘em even decide their future together e.g. marriage plans, having so many kids etc etc.

And you know when the problem arises? Hell yeah, when the sweet things turns out to be bitter and when lovable partner acts like a devil. Right? Well, there are many who try hard to fix their relationship but on-again-off-again doesn’t mean that things will last forever.

You know what? When your partner seriously becomes a pain in your ass that’s the sign that says- Your partner is not a marriage material.

I’ve listed the types of people who aren’t marriage material- Check out in which category your partner falls.

  1. Escaper

Hello! Do you think you’re with a person who is an expert in escaping? I mean seriously; suppose a trouble knocks on your door and your partner disappears at that very moment; what are you going to do? And suppose it’s not one time but literally every time.

Well, if your partner is not ready to stand with you during difficult situations than it’s not meant to be.

  1. The Controller

Frankly if you’re planning to marry a person who controls you all the time then you’re losing your life entirely. Yes and trust me you will always feel like a puppet and you’ll never live a life the way you want to.

  1. Egoistic

The person who is full of ego will always want their partner to do good but not better than them. If your partner is too full of himself or herself than don’t wait for the compliments and love because it’s never gonna come your way.

  1. Flirtatious

We all flirt but if you already have an idea that your partner is literally an expert in flirting then why ruin your life. It is quite obvious that you definitely don’t want your partner to cheat on you.

  1. Clingy

It is a good thing if your partner is obsessed with you but too much obsession will result into irritation. If your partner is already showing signs about being with you for like 24/7 then it’s quite obvious you’ll lose your personal space.

  1. Not Compromising

Cmon! Every relationship needs a certain sort of compromise. Right? But if the one you’re planning to get married to is not ready for compromises then you’re making it hard on yourself.

  1. The Judgemental Freak

If your partner is constantly hurting you by judging each and everything that you do then it’s time to end a relationship. Frankly you’ll never be a happy person if you marry someone who continuously judges you.

If you’re someone who can deal with these things then you’re all good to go ahead. But once again don’t miss these marriage material warning signs.

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