5 Valid Reasons Why Marriage Is Injurious To Your Health

Marriage is injurious

Marriage is injurious – Marriage is not for everybody. While some blame the ‘one-partner-for-life’ funda others call marriage a dated institution.

Whatever the case may be, it’s not something everyone can take. As you mull over your stand over this issue, we give you five valid reasons why marriage is injurious to your health. Read on:

One partner for life:

In terms of both mental and physical attributes, you’ll be stuck with one partner for the rest of your life. Unless monogamy isn’t a big deal in your marriage. Just like you can’t eat the same dish or wear the same clothes for life, how can you be with the same person till death do you part? Well, it does work out for a few…few very lucky few.


Responsibility can kill:

Gone are the carefree days of love and freedom, it’s now time to take responsibility for everything. From sharing the rent to taking decisions regarding every single thing in the world it’s one never ending saga of you and me games. And let’s not forget, whatever you do, you’ll never satisfy your partner. It’s just freaking difficult to have the same vision in everything, even if you’re certified soul mates.


Extended family can turn out to be crazy:

What if the extended family turns out to be utterly crazy? What if your in-laws are absolutely cruel and make you feel like a fool for marrying their child? Well, in Indian families anything is possible. Even if your immediate family is cool and kind, the extended aunts and uncles can turn out to be a nightmare…watch out!


Sharing every little thing:

Not just the house and bed but everything else too. From quirky habits to annoying relatives to bathroom issues to fight over the remote control…every little thing will get on your nervous, unless you’re so evolved that you can compromise on many occasions and not bite each other’s heads off.


The heartbreak:

Most marriages don’t work out and the heartbreak can be devastating. Since you’ve shared a lot of stuff together, the parting can be really ugly. And when kids are involved, it can turn out to be completely nasty.


This is the way Marriage is injurious to our helth – But despite all these, marriage is great if you can handle it and be mature about issues. Good luck!

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