Why living-in before marriage is a good idea

We tell you why living-in before taking the plunge is actually a good idea. Read on!

Ever heard of the term testing the waters? Well, living-in is pretty much that and more. Before taking the big plunge into marital bliss, it’s a good idea to see how compatible you actually are by living-in with you partner. We tell you why you should give it a go!

Living together 24/7:
Your courtship period is a rosy and loved-up phase where you see only the good side of your partner. You don’t know if they get pissed if the dinner is served too hot, if they keep the tap water running, wear socks to bed or have a peculiar OCD. There are so many things you don’t know about, which is why living-in is a great idea.


Saving up:
When you’re staying together, you’ll automatically start saving up for the ‘future’. From curbing down excessive partying to investing more on stocks, you’ll act matured. Also, you can say bye-bye to your monthly phone bills that dig a valley in your pocket.


The thought that someone is waiting for you at home and you can’t sneak in and out of the house will make you a responsible person. If you find out after marriage that he/she can never be mature or responsible, makes no sense in staying put with them, right?


Passions and thoughts:
When you’re eating instant noodles and sitting on the floor in your unwashed clothes, that’s when you realize if he/she is worth all the efforts. And whether he/she will make a great spouse.


Better organized:
So he always shows up late, you always forget something while leaving from home. Don’t worry about all that as you’re going to be better organized and planned than your courtships days, which will help lay the foundation for a healthy marriage.


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