20 Things Teens Lie About To Their Parents

Lies that teens told to their parents

Lies that teens told to their parents – Today, as more matured individuals when we think about our mistakes as teenagers and what we have learnt from our past deeds, we also laugh at the innocent white lies we have told our folks, not to hurt them but just so that they can still be proud of us and praise us in front of the neighbours without feeling guilty!

Lies that teens told to their parents –


Here are some lies we all must have told in our school and early college days which our doting parents sometimes believed and at other times we were at their mercy.

Lies that teens told to their parents –

  1. Dad, it’s our group study day. Don’t you know I have my exams soon?
  1. I didn’t do anything. It was like that when I first saw it.
  1. The teacher does not like me. So, she failed me purposely.
  1. Mom, I will be staying the night at my best girlfriend’s place. It is already late and I don’t think it will be safe for me to return home right now. {You are only saved until your mom calls her mom to find out that she is sleeping over at your place. (which, you think can never happen)}
  1. You know, I would never smoke Mom even if my friends do.
  1. I have completed my project Mom. It’s time you stop worrying.
  1. No, I have not eaten chicken all day. Why will I on a Tuesday?
  1. No, Dad, the mobile is not so costly. Just a few thousand bucks. Not a big deal.
  1. No, Mom, I hardly know him. He is not my boyfriend.

10. Yeah, Mom, relax. I will come home early tonight.

11. I had extra classes, dad. I came home straight from college.

12. It is a college trip. There will only be girls going for the holiday!

13. Oh, I am sorry I did not receive your message. (You have just replied your friend on whatsapp).

14. Oh, Shweta gave this neckpiece to me. How do you think I can afford this?

15. I did not eat out Mom. It’s just that I am not feeling hungry.

16. I am feeling sick since morning. I don’t think I can go to college today.

17. Dad might not remember it but he said I can get it done.

18. We have not got our test papers yet. (Praying they do not ask again tomorrow).

19. The teacher is asking for 500 rupees per head for the trip.  (She might have actually said Rupees 100).

20. I am not lying. I swear.

These are the lies that teens told to their parents – So, which of these were your all-time taglines or did you make some of your own excuses?


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