Is your best friend dating the wrong guy?

If your best friend happens to date the wrong guy, how do you break the news to her?

It’s one of the trickiest situations to deal with and it can easily escalate into a major problem, if left unchecked. Wondering what we are talking about? Well, we are referring to that awkward moment when your best friend is in a relationship with the wrong guy and you don’t know what to do! Here’s how you can manage this sticky situation. Read on!

Proof, more than verbal banter:
If you have proof that your buddy’s beau is a bad guy, it’s better to approach the situation by showing your friend pictures/letters/recordings than by merely making allegations. It will make you come across as a considerate friend who spent enough time collating evidence.

Be understanding:
Before pouring your heart out, think of your friend’s position. And if she is genuinely in love with the guy and has thought of a future together, your revelation is going to hit her hard. So be understanding and gentle while breaking the bad news to her.

Tell her you’re always there:
Before going on and on about the guy, tell your friend that you’ll always be there for her. No matter what. Because when she is feeling low or utterly foolish, she needs your support and encouragement to face the world again.

Get him to talk:
Get the guy to talk it out with your best bud, so that everything is sorted out between them. You don’t want to come across as a pessimist or an insecure friend. If the guy refuses to speak with your friend, that’s reason enough to show him the door.

Don’t compare:
Yeah, yeah, you have seen many such cases before and have known hundreds of folks who do these things. But that’s not what your pal wants to know. She is desperately trying to put her life back on track and stupid comparisons are only going to make her life more miserable.



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