Have You Religiously Believed In These Myths At Workplace?

We suggest you break a few common myths that claim to increase work efficiency. Read on.

Had a stressful weekend?

Unable to strike a balance between your personal and professional life?

Maybe you’re over exerting yourself. You need not always stick to those workplace rules, which they say are implemented to increase your work efficiency. We suggest you break a few common myths that claim to increase work efficiency. Read on and maybe, implement them as well.

1. Personal is alien

They might have restricted you from using social networking sites, personal emails, calls that do not concern your profession and whatsoever, but please be aware that cutting yourself totally off the circle could work not for, but against you. Nobody’s asking you to go on a conference call with all your friends and chat and socialize, but yes, a little socializing would not only prove good, but also act as a stress buster.

2. Talking is no good

No matter, how bad or conflicted your workplace is, you always have that workplace BFF, with whom you can share all your personal and professional stuff. It’s a proven fact that talking helps lighten your mood. So, rather than sitting at your desk and thinking about things, all by yourself, look up to that friend of yours.

3. I am the best

Alright. Maybe your performance in the past few months has been super awesome. Does that mean, you alone, are responsible for it? It’s time you acknowledged what others contributed for your success.

4. Envy is the new excuse 

No, that project did not go out of your hand because people are jealous of you. It was probably because you did not think they way someone else did. Rather than taking things pessimistically, you need to start thinking about the way you did not think of that solution.

If you take a look at all those people who succeeded in life and left a mark on history, you’ll notice that most of them went out of the usual way. You need not follow all of those rules religiously. Change is good. The end result is all that matters.  

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