5 Differences Between Infatuation And Love That We all Must Understand

infatuation and love

Infatuation and love – It’s not a new thing in this world to get attracted towards someone and feel like it’s your one true love.

Usually, people get attracted to a person, believe in the fact that they are in love and then end up regretting it when the feeling comes to an end. So, instead of misinterpreting that your attraction is actually love, why not clear in your head first?

Yes, there are many differences between infatuation and love and we all must understand them to stay without any regrets in future.

Here are 5 differences between infatuation and love :

Infatuation and love –

  1. Losing that person is like moving on to the other one instantly

That’s one major difference between your love and infatuation. When you lose the person you love, you feel broken. But when you lose someone you are just attracted to, you don’t feel anything major and you move on to the other person in a moment.

  1. Love takes time, infatuation doesn’t

There’s no doubt that when you fall in love, you take a while to develop more and more emotions to make that bond strong. But when that is infatuation, you just feel attracted to that person just in one meeting and wish to get along with them right away.

  1. Obsession vs. commitment

Being attracted to someone is all about obsession and wanting to do every possible thing that will bring the person closer to you. But love is all about committing to a person you feel dedicated towards and investing more of heart than brain to it.

  1. External vs. internal beauty

When it’s infatuation, you like everything you see from your eyes but when it’s love, you fall for everything you find inside that person. You get attracted to looks but you fall for little things like the way they talk or what they feel for certain things. Well, infatuation is a fairytale but love is magic.

  1. Infatuation might just be beginning of love

Having said that infatuation might be the beginning of love, you have to know that it cannot be love too. You feel that gradually after being with that person for a long while but if the infatuation doesn’t turn into love in a while, it’s not worth it.

These are the differences between infatuation and love. So, whether it is infatuation or love, you really have to know before it’s too late. Or just go with the flow!

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