Those Common Myths About Bengali Men

Bengali Babu

Not everyone has to be a ‘babu moshai’

The word baabu moshai instantly adds few years to the guy’s life. Imagine a guy in his early 20s being called a ‘babu moshai’; poor fellow, no doubt the actors of yore used to wear dhotis and go to colleges but the trend has changed now.

The mere utterance of ‘babu moshai’ gives an uncle effect to the image of the guy.

All Bengali guys are mammas boys. Well why only targeting the Bengalis?

You don’t necessarily have to be born to a Bengali mother to be specially attached to her. It is not about being a Bengali. On a very general note it is said that guys are more close to their moms as girls are attached to their fathers.

Yes so you would find the mamma’s boys in other communities as well as you would find them here.

Not everyone would be interested in football.

Films like ‘Vicky Donor’ had beautifully explored the concept of stereotyped Bengalis and Punjabis.

If you fall in love with a Bengali girl then it is not necessary that you would be grilled on football and fish. Unlike the above scene you might find a Bengali family where the father of the girl would be completely ignorant about football.

Music isn’t the only other alternative for Bengali guys.

They might not be interested in sports or even music. Not every Bengali household has a tanpura placed. There are interests other than music and sports that Bengali men are capable of pursuing. For example they might be interested in something like hair styling or gardening.

Not every Bengali guy has a ‘daak naam’

The concept of ‘daak naam’ (nickname) is very common in Bengali families. (Our President Pranab Mukherjee’s nickname was reported to be ‘Poltu’)

Although we have cases like these but seriously it isn’t a hard and fast rule that a Bengali guy would necessarily have a funny nickname.

Myths about Bengali men can be many but finally I would like to point a very important notion about the Bengali men that they are intelligent, good men.

Seriously? Whenever we talk about a Bengali man we stereotype him to be of a very high intellectual caliber but you never know. He might just turn out to be really dumb.

And about being good… well… cough cough… men and good??

Do let us know if you find one.

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