Store These Facts in Your Head if Your Crush is a Sagittarius

Sagittarius crush

Sagittarius crush – Sagittarians are born between Nov 22-December 21st which are known to be the most adventurous lot.

The best feature of a Sagittarius is that he is extremely knowledgeable and would barely sit still. Instead, he will lend a hand of help to implement their knowledge. It is the ninth astrological sign whose personality is one of the most liked one among the other counterparts of the zodiac calendar. In plain speak, a Sagittarius man is an amalgam of Scorpio and Pisces.

We will validate our statement by giving you some logic.

A Scorpio is nice to get along with until you wreck their nerve, this way you will get them plotting to destroy you. On the other hand, Pisceans too are really practical, grounded and matured people who would barely hurt a fly. Sagittarius reflects the above said characteristic traits in them.

If you have Sagittarius crush –

In one hand, they are very easy to get along with and in the other they will have negative impulses coming out from time to time which makes them seem really annoying.


Your Sagittarius man will be brutally frank. So much so, that he will start seeming tactless to you. He is now a sweetheart of any sensitive person for that matter. If looked at the brighter side, you can turn to your Sagittarius crush for an honest counsel and you will be never disappointed.


They have common sense aplenty and will completely think on their feet. They won’t see the world from rose-tinted glasses for long and they will not stand anything come in their way to pursue their dreams and aspirations. If you are a person with high dreams, you will be gushed by compliments and support from your Sagittarius boyfriend because they know how to boost morale.

Challenges activate them:

Your Sagittarius man will always be up for challenges and they will be the problem solver of the whole group. As because they are rooted in the ground, they will be your mainstay in the most difficult times. Also, they will seem excited as an antelope in the merest mention of an adventure trip. Life will never be boring with a Sagittarius man because they will know how to confront challenges.

They are optimistic AF:

They can dream with their eyes open. Your Sagittarius man will always seem to be in trance even if there are works to be done. You can call it self-hypnosis or self-delusion if you like but that is the way they roll. You will get optimism of a different kind if you are dealing with a Sagittarius man.

Sagittarius crush – Your Sagittarius man will look at the world from a complete different perspective. They will always have guts to turn imperfection into perfection so make sure his energy is well responded by you.

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