How Younger Sisters Can Change Your Life!


Siblings are a blessing in disguise – no matter how much you try to deny that fact, they have come to your aid whenever time calls for it.

There are innumerable times when you’ve wished upon your lucky stars – if and only if, you were the only child. But close your eyes for a while – think about these random thoughts– if you didn’t have a younger sister-

  1. Would you be able to live your whole life with no quarrels or arguments – none whatsoever.
  2. What if you sneaked in to your house past midnight and have no one to save you from getting caught?

These questions could go on and most of you would be smiling as your younger sister face came into your mind. The hard truth is younger sisters are those that the elder sisters lean on – to become a better person.

Let’s glance through some amazing facts about younger sisters that you may or may not have realized:

Younger sisters have helped you learn to share:

As much as you have hated the idea of sharing your new toy, it was all worth it when you saw that smile on your younger sister’s face. You tend to learn to share whatever you decide is yours, without flinching, just so you can get that warm hug or loving kiss from her. Not just that, you learn to share your thoughts and emotions as well. You can’t deny those late night conversations with your sister has helped you grow stronger emotionally.

You can fight any war – literally a war in any form:

You have struggled to keep your little sister on track – arguments, nail fights, pillow fights – you’ve done it all, used the most unexpected of households to fight and conquer. Now, it couldn’t get this easy for you in the real world.  You can easily face the world and fight any war – you know all the tactics to winning and the hardships of loosing.


Take a second to look at yourself. You have become responsible in your effort to show your younger sister what it means to be responsible. Also, in this effort, you have changed her also into a wonderful human being, changing yourself alongside. This transformation is unexplainable – how and why – remains a mystery – but it is definitely a thankful moment for you.

You learn to love:

No matter what kind of a person she is, she could be your complete opposite for all that matters – but you’ve learned to love who she is, without asking her to change. This has made it so much easier for you to adjust with the world – you are more patient and you see the good in people. You realize that love is too big a word to not share.

You need to let go of things:

You’ve seen your younger one grow and sometimes it pains you to see her move away and try to be independent. You yearn to help her out, prepare her for the possible mistakes in life, and mainly remain her shadow. But you had to let go. Similarly, you learned to let go of many things in your life – your first crush, that favourite dress of yours that won’t fit any more…You’ve learned through her that letting go doesn’t make you loose anything – it makes  you prepare for the better to come into your life.

Wondering what to do? Take your phone, dial her number and make plans to keep memories going forward!

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