#VaranasiBlock: Dear Mr Sampath, Don’t Defend Your Failure

EC is yet to take any action against blatant violation of election law by Shehzada Rahul Gandhi in Amethi.

After BJP held a dharna in Varanasi to protest Election Commission’s denial to its prime minister nominee Narendra Modi’s entry into the city, the chief election commissioner VS Sampath held a quite rare press conference today.

With Modi himself calling EC biased, Sampath tried to reiterate that the constitutional authority was committed to ensuring “free, fair and peaceful” elections in a non-partisan manner.

“We are disappointed that questions are being raised over the commission’s impartiality… jurisdiction… We are not afraid of any political party or entity in discharging our duty. EC has come across certain harsh statements. We reassure that EC is doing its job in strict non-partisan manner,” Sampath said.

“You might have noticed that this election, the commission has also banned even star campaigners and candidates who were accused of making hate speeches from participating in public speaking. Therefore any reference to ‘boldness’, we would like to point out that the commission is not afraid of anyone or anything”, he further added.

But what Mr Sampath failed to address was the fact that various political leaders, apart from BJP, had indeed delivered comments which were not only ‘bold’ in the words of EC but also out of the purview of law.

EC took note of Modi’s address where he had invoked Ram just to remind voters that they must vote for a change to take place. It moved police to arrest Amit Shah who wanted to take revenge by voting against the corrupt Congress. But he failed to act against Sonia Gandhi for her meeting with religious leaders and invoking communal politics. It also failed to act against Aam Aadmi Party’s Shazia Ilmi who openly asked for vote by asking Muslims to become communal.

Not only EC overlooked Kalyan Banerjee’s ‘river of blood’ comment, it repeatedly failed to take notice of TMC chief Mamata Banerjee’s derogatory comments against Modi. He was called a ‘dog’, an ‘impotent’ and a ‘donkey’. But EC was more involved in addressing to the problems of Congress rather than taking note of the real problems.

In fact, it is yet to take any action against blatant violation of election law by Shehzada Rahul Gandhi in Amethi. When asked in the same press conference about the pictures of Rahul coming out of polling area during polling hours, CEC Sampath dodged the question by saying that he has asked for a report.

AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal was given permission for holding press meet in the same Beniyabagh. AAP has been openly asking for votes on communal basis. Rahul Gandhi, whose Congress party has been indulged in various hate speeches and who was actually a sponsor for ‘boti boti kaat dunga’ famed Imran Masood, was given permission for his May 10 rally without any dispute in the same area. But when it came to Modi, EC started remembering the secular position of the country which must be maintained.

The beholder of such a high and non-partisan post failed to do his job. But the actual ‘disappointment’ was his defiance of failure. Days are not far when this protest, which was recorded in Varanasi, will be recorded all over country against EC and its sanctity will be questioned again.

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