The Mockery of Politics: Battle Ground Maharashtra!

The election campaigns of the various political parties during the forthcoming ‘ª’ŽMH’¬ state elections are so funny

The election campaigns of the various political parties during the forthcoming ‘ª‎MH’¬ state elections are so funny

Firstly we have our ex-CM ‘ª‎Prithviraj Chauhan‘¬ walking around in his garden in crisp clothes saying that his team has been working tirelessly for the betterment of Maharashtra for the last term.

Well nobody is going to buy that, especially when everyone knows what happened in the last ten years.

Then we have the ‎NCP’¬ advertisements where they also have ‘ªSharad Pawar‘¬ saying that they have to stress upon the growth and the development of Maharashtra.

Errrr ….. Excuse me?

Haven’t you realized that a wee bit too late?

What were you doing for the last ten years?? Talofying Bhajiya??

Oh wait, sorry, taking control of the land in the state? Just a wild guess…

The ‎Shiv Sena’¬ campaign predictably revolves around the ‘ªMarathi Manoos’¬, ‘ªShivaji’¬, ‘ªBalasaheb’¬ Thackrey and ‘ªTiger’¬ (not Shroff). They might have thought about going a bit more global actually. I wonder how many people are going to fall for this campaign, but they do have the advantage of NOT being a part of the last government

The ‘ªBJP‘¬ has taken the same route of “Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi” campaign, as they did during the ‘ª‎Lok Sabha’¬. They have common (aam) looking actors cursing the previous government and ridiculing the lack of governance, with some digs taken at peeing in the dams too. The BJP campaign has proved to be successful in the LS elections, so those still remain the best ads till now.

The BJP PR agencies do know what the people want to see. Of course they are also promoting ‘ªModi’¬ as their mascot in the adverts.

Technically, Modi has got nothing to do with these state elections, since he isn’t going to resign as the PM and join the state as its CM, also he is not the party President for BJP. But I guess, such technicalities will be overlooked when bombarded by a very effective albeit spiteful campaign. And having ‘ªDevendra Fadanvis’¬ as the face of the campaign would have boomeranged on them Also, having ‘ªAmit Shah’¬ as the face of the campaign would have been turned into a mockery by the competition.

So, smart marketing once again by BJP.

Of course, the effects of these adverts by all the political parties will be seen in a few days.

The ‘ªAAP campaign is being sorely missed. If anything, the Aam Aadmi Party always added that little bit of crazy to the elections, everywhere they have been. They are like those Special Appearances or Cameos in movies which have everyone howling and hollering in the stands. These cameos don’t really live till the end of the movie or even a part of the end, but they do alter the course of the movie by playing a significant and important part in it.

I can almost imagine ‘ªArvind Kejriwal’¬ in his typical koff koff style trying his level best to expose everyone and everything, right from Dada’s toilet habits, to the Tiger’s black stripes, to the “daags” on Chauhan’s crisp clothes, to the mucky waters which are hidden below the lotus pond And then in turn being himself ridiculed or slapped off the stage.

But, in all honestly, all these adverts are definitely funny and far from the truth which is being displayed in them.

In fact, whenever I see any of these adverts, the first thing that comes to my mind is “Oh Shut Up!!”



With the way BJP is using Modi to be the face of the campaign in Maharashtra, I am quite surprised Modi was not made to thunder “Jai Maharashtra” or say a few Marathi words, at the Madison Square just to gain a few brownie points with the voters in Maharashtra 

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