Glimpses Of Rabindra Sangeet In Bollywood

Rabindranath tagore songs in bollywood – Some examples of the songs or compositions where we see Tagore’s magic symphony touch. We immediately connect to the sweet symphony…

We all have heard the various versions of #NationalAnthem but various other compositions of #GurudevRanbindranathTagore have also been remade and produced by various artists.

There would be compositions where a part of the song or some verses are used

We immediately connect to the sweet symphony, the moment we hear these greatest compositions in Indian literature played in any song.

The compositions aren’t really drastically difficult.

Nature, love, mutual relations, etc. the simple things that define life yet so complicated to understand have made the compositions deep and people can even connect to it today.

It doesn’t really take a deep complicated structured understanding to get into the depth of Tagore’s songs but yet these simple verses would touch that corner of the heart where you never thought of glancing upon.

Some examples of the songs or compositions where we see Tagore’s magic symphony touch:

1)      Phule Phule Dhole Dhole in the movie #Parineeta

The song beautifully composed about simple gestures connecting heart and soul is seen in the song ‘Soona Man ka Aangan’ in the film Parineeta.

We know full justice would be done to the song when we have the greatest voices of Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal.

The song’s composition is so beautifully blended with Tagore’s verses giving the complete contrast of the situational changes in life.

It portrays the characters Saif and Vidya Balan engulfed in a complex relation whereas their childhood in flashback shows them in their happy times. That part is where we hear the lyrics ‘phhol phool bhawara bole’. This part is originally the song in Bengali ‘Phule phule dhole dhole’.

The Bengali version is here in Babul Supriyo’s voice:

2) Ekla Cholo Re in #Kahani

Another famous composition from the compositions of #Kobiguru #RabindranathTagore is this song #EklaCholoRe meaning walk alone or go ahead alone.

The song perfectly suits the theme of the movie where Vidya Balan plays the lead female protagonist taking on a mission and fighting all odds.

The lyrics of the song perfectly compliment the movie. It goes like this…

Jodi tor daak shune keo naa aashe

Tobe ekla cholo re

Meaning: If nobody turns up at your call, (doesn’t matter) you go ahead alone.

Amitabh Bachchan’s strong voice singing the composition seems to add the special strength and its depiction.

Other than songs Bollywood has also used his compositions as references in some scenes.

3) Aami Cheeni Go Cheeni Tomaare from the movie #VickyDonor

Apart from Paani da rang, watch this scene from the same film where the actress is humming the beautiful melody.

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