How To Differentiate Between Good Friends And Best Friends?


There is no life without friends!

But not all your friends can be as close to you as you want them to be and only a select few make it to the top of the friendship list! So how do you go about finding who is your good friend and who is actually your true best friend?

Here are some pointers to help you the difference between good friends and best friends.

1) Good friends are polite with you to the extent of hiding bitter truths from you. However, you can trust your best friends to not only be blunt enough to show you the mirror, but also help you come out of a tricky situation.

2) Ordinarily, friends or good friends tend to ignore your irritating behaviour to remain in your good books, but your best friend will smack your head and ask you to BEHAVE!

3) As per social behaviour, good friends will not try to embarrass you over past incidents or something stupid you did some time back, but best friends are made of something else! They will keep pestering you and keep pulling your legs over every stupid thing you did, ever! That’s where the fun lies though, isn’t it?

4) Your normal good friends will only say good things about your girlfriend/boyfriend or at the most will remain silent if they have a different opinion so as not to hurt you. A best friend on the other hand will make you sit down, and tell you how wrong you are in selecting your lover! In fact, they even might become instrumental in you breaking up with your gf/bf purely for your own benefit as they have nothing personal to gain out of it!

5) You might have to ask or invite your good friends for a party, to hangout, etc., but your best friends are going to be around you unannounced, uninvited and as per their own comfort! Obviously, they understand your comfort as well and ensure that you’re never alone, happy or sad!

6) Your good friends will only see your wild, crazy laughter, but only your best friends will have a way to see your tears too! The best friends also know how to wipe those tears and get a smile back or are crazy enough to cry with you!

7) You might have to ask your good friends for some favours when you need them, but your best friends will know it without you saying and will eagerly bail you out of a situation! It is a different matter that they will kick your ass as well if you try to act over smart!

8) An argument with best friends will end with a meek ‘agree to disagree’ kind of formal moment. But a full-fledged fight with your best friend will resemble World War 3 and once it is done with, you guys will be found sharing food in the same plate!

9) Good friends are only aware of a particular side of your life and personality, but best friends can actually blackmail you in jest about spilling out the most awkward embarrassing secrets of your life! That’s how close they are!

10) Good friends go out of the way to respect you, but with the best friends you learn to understand that even when they insult you, it is a form of respect!

There can be only one or two best friends in life, rest all are either good friends, friends or acquaintances! Keep these best friends close in life and try extra hard never to lose them, come what may!

Enjoy friendship!

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